Band Of The Week: Spiralarms


In a day and age where bands try to capture a throwback sound, there are very few that can actually hit the mark. Luckily there is a band in the bay area that does, Spiralarms. The band was formed a few years back. The original incarnation was Tim Narducci, Craig Locicero, James Walker and Eric Kretz. I was lucky enough to see this lineup when they first came out. Over the years the line up has changed but the one constant is the music is still pure rock n roll. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Down, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd, QOTSA, and Kyuss, it’s no wonder Spiralarms packs quite the punch. The band has released two albums and are working on a follow up. And now with the lineup of Tim Narducci – Vocals/Guitar, Craig Locicero – Lead Guitar, Cornbread – Bass/Vocal, Brad Barth – Keyboards, and Andy Galeon – Drums, The sky is the limit!!!

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