Anticipated Albums: Zao- The Crimson Corridor

The mighty ZAO are back with their first full length album in 5 years, The Crimson Corridor (out April 9, 2021). ZAO’s new 60-minute, 11-song opus ranks as the near-three-decade-old group’s longest record since 2004’s The Funeral Of God, offering themes surrounding the manifestation of depression, anxiety and anger. Musically speaking The Crimson Corridor is all about extremes. Throughout the album, there are plenty of the band’s signature crushing riffs and abrasive vocals as well as moments of quiet tension. It’s been many years since I’ve seen ZAO live but, I do remember them being one hell of a hard act to follow. This new album sure feels like they are going to be decimating stages in the very near future!

ZAO- Transitions:

ZAO- The Crimson Corridor:

Top Ten Bands A to Z: Z


The A to Z list finally comes and end. Z is upon us and needs help to complete the list. This has been fun to comb through the alphabet and decide who should be in the top ten for each letter. I will put them all together in a giant list of about 260 bands that make up this list.

As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list.

These are in no particular order as well.


01) ZZ Top
02) Zozobra
03) Zwan
04) Frank Zappa
05) Zao
06) Warren Zevon
07) Rob Zombie
08) The Zombies