Woodstock 94

Memorable Live Shows: Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock 94

A Look Back at Nine Inch Nails' Career-Defining Woodstock '94 ...

Since there is a plethora of live performances all over the internet, why not start featuring some of the most memorable ones. And what better place to start than with the now legendary performance Nine Inch Nails put on at Woodstock 94. The story of this one is absolutely nuts. One that you should really look into. Their “mud soaked” set is infamous and so damn good. The setlist is truly something awesome as well. It’s one of those shows that I can watch and listen to all the time.


Nine Inch Nails- Woodstock 94:


Secret Songs: Nine Inch Nails- Suck


At the end of Nine Inch Nails’ epic EP Broken, there are not one but, two secret songs hidden amongst all the silence. The first is a cover of the Adam and The Ants song “Physical” and the other is a killer version of the Pigface song “Suck.” Trent was actually a part of Pigface and wrote and sang on the original version. The one found at the end of Broken is a lot grittier and sinister than the original. It’s also worth noting too that, the lives version of the song found on And All That Could Have Been and the Woodstock 94 set, are stellar as well.


Nine Inch Nails- Suck:


Nine Inch Nails- Suck (Live Woodstock 94):