Wooden Nomad

End Of The Year 2015… The Winners Are

10697292_723168117777156_4168158518538488340_o.pngAs we say farewell to 2015 and welcome in 2016, here are the winners of the 2nd Annual Audioeclectica Awards.

Best Guitar Duo:

Mark Morton and Willie Adler- Lamb Of God
Pete Adams and John Baizley- Baroness
Clint Lowery and John Connelly- Sevendust
Michael Grgas and Dave Ruiz- Hidden Amongst Us
Phil Golyshko and Bill Collins- Sidewave

And The Winner Is: Michael Grgas and David Ruiz- Hidden Amongst Us

Best Album Cover:

Sidewave- Glass Giant
Socionic- Dividing Horizon
Wild Throne- Harvest Of Darkness
Baroness- Purple
Royal Thunder- Crooked Doors

And The Winner Is: Socionic- Dividing Horizon

Best Bassist:

Ken Andrews- Failure
Greg Edwards- Failure
Angel Chavez- Wooden Nomad
Jeff Johnson- Wild Throne
Mike Sparks- He Whose Ox Is Gored
Matthew Denis- Socionic

And The Winner Is: Angel Chavez- Wooden Nomad

Best Drummer:

Kellii Scott- Failure
Noah Burns- Wild Throne
Morgan Rose- Sevendust
Mike Bordin- Faith No More
Tommy Lee- Smashing Pumpkins
John O’Connell- He Whose Ox Is Gored

And The Winner Is: Kellii Scott- Failure

Best Guitarist:

Ken Andrews- Failure
Brian McClelland- He Whose Ox Is Gored
Joshua Holland- Wild Throne
Angelo Miles- Wooden Nomad
Scott Evans- Kowloon Walled City
Mike Kennedy- Vision Of Disorder

And The Winner(s) Is/Are: Joshua Holland- Wild Throne and Angelo Miles- Wooden Nomad

Best Vocalist:

Ken Andrews- Failure
Evan Mentone- Hidden Amongst Us
Lisa Mungo- He Whose Ox Is Gored
Joshua Holland- Wild Throne
Mlny Parsonz- Royal Thunder
Tim Williams- Vision Of Disorder
Michael Meinhart- Socionic
Phil Golyshko- Sidewave
Marilyn Manson
Meg Myers

And The Winner(s) Is/Are: Ken Andrews- Failure and Michael Meinhart- Socionic

Song Of The Year:

Failure- Counterfeit Sky
He Whose Ox Is Gored- Cairo
Wild Throne- Harvest Of Darkness
Meg Myers- Sorry
Marilyn Manson- Warship My Wreck
Socionic- Sanctity
Sidewave- Pines
Royal Thunder- Time Machine
Baroness- Chlorine and Wine
Disturbed- The Light

And The Winner(s) Is/Are: Failure- Counterfeit Sky and Socionic- Sanctity

Best Albums Of 2015…So Far (Updated)

It’s September and there have been a slew of really great albums released so far, and so many more great ones to come out soon too. Well here’s a recap of the ones that have come out so far IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.
Failure- The Heart Is A Monster
Marilyn Manson- The Pale Emperor
Royal Thunder- Crooked Doors
Faith No More- Sol Invictus
Coal Chamber- Rivals
Papa Roach- F.E.A.R.
Lamb Of God- VII: Strum Un Drang
Noel Gallaghar’s High Flying Birds- Chasing Yesterday
The Bloodline- We Are One
Dekades- Dekades EP
Anakin- Celestial Frequency Shifter
Vanishing Life- Vanishing Life 7″
Before The Mourning- Etherial End
Wooden Nomad- Pain As A Source Of Light

Coming Soon:

Team Sleep
Wild Throne

Band Of The Week: Wooden Nomad


When a band can really encompass their influences in their music yet sound original, it’s quite an accomplishment. Wooden Nomad from Oxnard, CA feature guitarist Angelo Miles, bassist Angel Chavez, drummer Danny Fitz and vocalist Tim Straw. These guys have taken their love of stoner rock especially Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and lots of others from the early to mid 90’s. The music that Wooden nomad has created was made in Palm Desert (birthplace of Kyuss) with producer Brad Garrow. Their first full length, The Sound Of Earth is a heavy, chunky, riff laden album. Having played countless shows and stealing audiences the gents in Wooden Nomad grew even tighter. Now in 2015, they have just released their new album Pain As A Source Of Light. This album shows the growth of the band and just how tight they got since the release of their first album. Wooden Nomad is definitely a band to watch out for.

Take A Listen Here:




By: Brian Lacy