Cover Song: The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Nine Inch Nails- Wish (Live)


As you all probably could tell, I’m on a huge Dillinger Escape plan kick right now. So now, I’m presenting you all two versions of The Dillinger Escape Plan joining Nine Inch Nails on stage to perform “WISH.” The first is from a 2008 performance in Australia and the second is from 2009 when Nine Inch Nails played the Wiltern during their Wave Goodbye tour (which I was at, and seeing this live was brutal). Each version is chaotic, energetic and awesome. I can honestly say that of all the bands I’ve ever heard cover Wish, Dillinger is the only one to ever nail it. So enjoy what you are about to see and hear!


2008 Soundwave Festival in Australia:


2009 Wave Goodbye Tour @ The Wiltern in Los Angeles:





Worst Cover Songs: Linkin Park (Nine Inch Nails)- Wish


Wow, this is awful. Nine Inch Nails is my all time favorite band, and this version is just plain awful. Though I don’t know what’s worse, Linkin Park covering this song, or the comments people left saying that this is better than the original. Also they can’t even play it right. It’s atrocious people!!!


Linkin Park- Wish:


Nine Inch Nails- Wish:


Also Rob Bourden, THIS is how you play the drums for this song:


Video Rank: Nine Inch Nails

03 - Nine Inch Nails


There are lists devoted to ranking a bands best albums and songs, and not enough that rank the bands videos. So I thought why not do a ranking of a bands videos. Since Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band, here is the ranking of 10 of their best videos.


10. Into The Void- The Fragile


9. Only- With Teeth


8. Head Like A Hole- Pretty Hate Machine


7. Wish- Broken


6. We’re In This Together- The Fragile


5. The Hand That Feeds- With Teeth

4. March Of The Pigs- The Downward Spiral


3. Survivalism- Year Zero


2. Closer- The Downward Spiral


1. The Perfect Drug- Lost Highway

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/3612941″>Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug (1997)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/ninofficial”>Nine Inch Nails</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>