Top Ten Bands A to Z: V


The A to Z list continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. V is upon us and needs help to complete the list.

As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list.

These are in no particular order as well.

01) The Velvet Underground
02) The Verve
03) Van Halen
04) Vision Of Disorder
05) Vast
06) The Ventures
07) Vanilla Fudge
08) Violent Femmes
09) The Vandals
10) Vexes (one of the best new V bands)

Band/Artist Of The Week: Justin Stewart Cotta


You might remember the name of Justin Stewart Cotta from the band Memento where he was the singer or the band VAST in which he played guitar during an early incarnation of the band. It has been a little while since Justin has released new music, actually it’s been 10 years. After the break up of Memento, Justin returned to Australia and got involved with theater but he never forgot about the music. Justin’s new release, the 3 song EP Amor Vincit Omnia is a delicate and expressive acoustic offering which is the perfect way to return. His powerful voice and lyrics are ever present while the subtle acoustic guitar adds a layer of melancholy without making you feel low. There is a real intimacy to the songs (“Love Yourself,” “Miracle Man,” and “Rain”) that emit a brightness to the darkness. What a way to come back. So check out what Justin has to offer the world and enjoy!
Justin Stewart Cotta- Amor Vincit Omnia:


and just because Memento was awesome:

Memento- Beginnings: