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Band Of The Week: Rollin’ Coffin

For well over 20 plus years now, I’ve been a fan of Tim Williams from Vision Of Disorder and Bloodsimple. I will never forget hearing VOD for the first time and being absolutely taken aback by the vocals I had just heard. It sounded like Jim Morrison was fronting a hardcore band and I loved it! So, naturally as I have done for many many years, I found myself at the record store buying up all the VOD albums that were out at the time. Then when VOD took a break, Bloodsimple was formed and that was awesome as well. And then after that VOD came back and it’s been a more than welcome comeback. Now though, Tim has branched out on his own and unleashed a side of himself that is a bit stripped down while still keeping the brutal honesty that fans of Tim have come to love over the years. Which now brings me to introducing you to Rollin’ Coffin and the first song released from this new project “Runaway.” Speaking on what the song means Tim said “‘Runaway‘ is all about breaking away from what you have known, good and bad. “To seek freedom without a sense of doubt or consequence. It’s about not being afraid to shed your skin and start again.” That sounds pretty damn good to me. The track was produced by Jon Markson who has worked with Drug Church. There is so much more to come from the project that Tim describes as “These songs are a stripped down version of myself, creatively, coming from an honest place. Sonically, I wanted to achieve a unique sound. A loose, almost dangerous, approach to a different chapter in my musical journey.” I personally can’t wait for more! 2021 is shaping up to be one hell of a good year for new music!

Rollin’ Coffin- Runaway:

Underrated and Influential: Vision Of Disorder


I’ve been a fan of heavy music pretty much my entire life. There are certain genres within the heavy music world that I’ve really come to love over the years. In 1998 I heard a band that really stepped up the hardcore game. That band was Vision Of Disorder and the album was called Imprint. As I do with every band that I wind up really liking, I went out and purchased any other albums by the band. Flash forward many years later as the “MetalCore” genre started growing in leaps and bounds, it really got me thinking that VOD weren’t getting the due they deserved. Vision Of Disorder had a large hand in developing the “metal core” sound and perfected it with the right amounts of hardcore, metal, and melody. The first two VOD albums cement this theory, especially Imprint. Songs like “What You Are,” “12 Steps To Nothing,” “By The River” which featured Phil Anselmo, and “Jada Bloom” are exquisite examples of what the band stands for.  In 2001 the band changed it up a bit on their album From Bliss To Devastation. This album saw more structure and a more pronounced approach to songwriting. The band though grew frustrated by the lack of support from their label and thus Vision of Disorder went on extended hiatus and eventually disbanded. Singer Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy formed the band Bloodsimple (who released two solidly good albums). Brendan Cohen (drums) and Mike Fleischmann (bass) played in the band Karvnov. Over the years VOD would reunite for scattered shows, then in 2008 the band formally announced their return. The released a new album entitled The Cursed Remain Cursed in 2012 and are gearing up to release the follow up to that album called Razed To The Ground in later 2015.

Vision Of Disorder is a band that deserves the respect of the bands they helped pave the way for. They have a signature sound that sums up what the genre is all about. The music these gents create is passionate and headstrong. I’m happy to say that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing VOD live and they are intense and go for it all every time they are on stage. Do yourself a favor and pick up some VOD albums and see what you missed out on!

Vision Of Disorder:


From Bliss To Devastation:

The Cursed Remain Cursed:


Razed To The Ground: