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New Release: Deaf Club- If You Eat A Rat, It Might Taste Good

One of my favorite releases of 2022 so far has come from the band Deaf Club. They have a ferocious and frantic energy that makes for some really killer heavy songs and a revitalization of sorts of what the “punk” genre should actually sound like. Recently, Deaf Club dropped a new EP called Bad Songs Forever. On this EP there is a track called “If You Eat A Rat, It Might Taste Good” that every time I hear it, I want to start a mosh pit. Deaf Club is the type of band that is carrying the flag at a time when society is on its last legs and a revolution is needed via music. Check out this killer track!

Deaf Club- If You Eat A Rat, It Might Taste Good:

Deaf Club- Bad Songs Forever EP:

Band Of The Week: Haunted Horses

Since I started Audioeclectica, I’ve noticed that certain cities have a wealth of music bursting at the seams to be heard. Seattle has long been a city with a plethora of music waiting to be heard. Which brings me to the band of the week, Haunted Horses. I’ve heard about this band for a bit now and they are quite a band. Haunted Horses is an industrial punk duo/trio from Seattle made up of Colin Dawson and Myke Pelly. Their sound is this mix of chaotic noise and rhythms paired with an onslaught of distorted keys, guitars, bass and thundering drums. The band’s music stretches between post-punk, noise core, industrial and even a bit of a gothic/new wave sound. Most recently Haunted Horses recruited long time friend Brian McClelland of Filth Is Eternal and He Whose Ox Is Gore to add another layer of dynamic heaviness to the already captivating live show and sound. The time for a band like Haunted Horses is now. The element of danger that comes with their live show is much needed in a very sterile time we live in. Plus having music that gives you the push/pull of tension to truly bring you in, makes Haunted Horses a band to definitely watch out for. On July 29, 2022 via Three One G Records, Haunted Horses album, The Worst Has Finally Happened will be out! Check out the first single “Cold Medicine” NOW!!!

Haunted Horses- Cold Medicine:

Check Out What Else Haunted Horses Has To Offer Via Their Bandcamp!!!!