These Arms Are Snakes

Band Of The Week: Dust Moth

427364_218211294985454_1613634241_nThe Pacific Northwest is fast becoming a haven for music again. There is a scene brewing up there that is emitting very creative and worth while music. One of those bands is Dust Moth. Combining the influences of hard rock, and shoe gaze, they have created something that is part Deftones (the more ambient White Pony material) and early Smashing Pumpkins. Their 2014 EP Dragon Mouth is six songs of hypnotic energy and leaves you wanting more. Take a listen and you’ll hear what I mean.

By: Brian Lacy

Bands That Should Come Back: These Arms Are Snakes


Since the late 80’s Seattle has been the birthplace of many great bands. We really don’t need to go over the list. There was one band that came about in the early 00’s that took a very artful approach to their music. Formed by former members of Botch and Kill Sadie, These Arms Are Snakes gave new life to post hardcore and experimental rock. During their career they released 3 full length albums, 1 EP, and over half a dozen splits (a couple with Pelican and Russian Circles). They had one of the most energetic stage shows and best live sounds to boot. Their evolution and growth in songwriting and craft got better and better with every release. After their break up in 2010 the members all went onto other projects. Brian Cook (bass) went on to continue playing with Russian Circles. Ryan Frederickson (guitar) formed a band with former Botch singer Dave Verellen called Narrows. Steve Snere formed the more electronic Crypts and Chris Common went back to work as a full time producer/engineer. These Arms Are Snakes left a lasting impact in the underground scene and are deeply missed.

Red Line Season: From Tail Swallower and Dove


Subtle Body: From Easter


By: Brian Lacy