Underrated Band: Karnivool


There are so many bands that have been around for a while that have never gotten the due respect they deserve. Karnivool is a great example of a band like this. They have formed in 1997. Their first real album Themata, came out in 2005. The bands follow up Sound Awake, was a huge progression from their debut. this time around it was a collaborative effort on everyone part, thus making it a more natural sounding album.  During this time the band found their fan base grow in their native Australia and in Europe. Karnivool played the Third Eye Gathering in Los Angeles, helping to promote themselves to more US audiences. In 2013 they released Asymmetry. This album was a departure from the sound they developed on Sound Awake, but at the same time showed the bands progression. Karnivool is for sure a band that deserves to be on everyones radar. They expand upon the basic of prog rock and take it to an extra dimension.


Sound Awake: