The Unholy Oath

Band Of The Week: Widower

12374856_1026304504059666_2190545469273611580_o.jpg¬†Over the last decade or so, there has been a really interesting thing happening in the heavy music genre. Rather than just play the same Metallica or Slayer- esque type of thrash, bands have been incorporating other styles to separate themselves from the pack. One such band that I’ve grown fond of over the past few months is Widower. Hailing from Austin, Texas, these gents have taken thrash to another level of heavy by incorporating a black metal vibe and a dash of doom to their music. Widower is a band for today. Their ability to craft chunky and thrashy riffs and rhythms, makes them stand out. Widower’s most recent release The Unholy Oath E.P. is 5 songs of pure heaviness, that will leave you head banging. I personally am looking forward to new music from Widower. Check them out!!


Widower- The Unholy Oath:


Widower- Into The Crypt: