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Bands That Should Return: Human Waste Project

Before there was Korn and Deftones, there was a band that really started it all and they were called Human Waste Project. The band formed in 1992 when Jeff Schartoff and Scott Ellis decided to start a band. Aimee Echo was picked as the vocalist/singer after finding out she could “scream.” After going through different guitarists for a bit they finally found Mike Tempesta and off they went. The next thing they were playing with large bands like Helmet, Korn, Deftones and Sublime. Eventually the band signed with Hollywood Records. Human Waste Project also wound up in the UK and Europe with bands like Tura Satana and Coal Chamber and also part of Ozzfest 98 in the UK. Human Waste Project was enjoying a bit of success especially in the UK but back in the states, things weren’t the same. Their debut album, E-Lux, which is an absolute fantastic album and debut, was considered a commercial failure and that led to the band being pegged as a nu-metal band and it left Aimee feeling uncomfortable and being typecast as such. So on July 8, 1998 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, Human Waste Project performed their last show as a band. From there, Aimee Echo and Scott Ellis went on to form The Start alongside former Snot drummer, Jaime Miller. Scott Ellis would also later go on to be the drummer for She Wants Revenge. Jeff Schartoff would go on to form Professional Murder Music and be a part of Peter Murphy of Bauhaus’s solo live band. And Mike Tempesta would go on to join Powerman 5000.

Their album E-Lux was produced by Ross Robinson and it’s not your typical nu-metal album. While there were definitely some ties to the incoming music movement, Human Waste Project had more in common with the likes of Jane’s Addiction in that they were always a step ahead of the curve. They had more to their music and lyrics than their peers and it shows very much on E-Lux. There was also a versatility to HWP that other didn’t have. Aimee had a range to her voice that could go from sweet and innocent all the way to rip your face off. Musically, there was more than just dropped tuned guitars, as they explored different styles and gravitated more towards 90’s alternative rock than metal.

Over the years, there have been a few reunions of Human Waste Project. I happen to have been at a couple of them and it was quite awesome. At a show for The Start in 2008, the remaining three HWP members came on stage and played “Dog” and “Shine” with Aimee to end the night. I have to say that was one hell of a surprise. I do remember seeing Mike Tempesta at the show and wondering if perhaps he’d jump up on stage for something and low and behold he did. Later in 2008, Human Waste Project reformed for one night (minus Scott Ellis) to be a part of Snot’s return (the one they did with Tommy Vext, we don’t need to go into that) at the Key Club in Los Angeles. I was at this show too and HWP was absolutely awesome. If anything they actually stole the night for me. Aimee stated that this would be the only full scale reunion show and the band would not be getting back together to tour. And finally at a couple other shows for The Start in 2009, Mike Tempesta joined them on stage to perform “Dog” and “One Night In Spain.”

Human Waste Project was a band that never got their due and should’ve been one of the biggest bands of that era. For whatever reasons why they didn’t, it’s a shame. They were one of the best bands of the time and their debut album is still one of my favorites of that time. In fact, the other day while on a drive up to Santa Barbara we had it on the stereo on the way up and it was glorious. So much so that I felt compelled to write this piece today. Human Waste Project was such a talented and wonderful band. If you never got to see them live, you truly missed out. I for one would love for one more show to happen. There is such a need for this band, it’s not even funny. They were true pioneers of the time and their style would show all these young bands who are trying to cop that style how to do it and do it right. Plus, how awesome would it be to just have them back again! So let’s put it out in the world that we need another go round with Human Waste Project!

Human Waste Project- E-Lux:

Human Waste Project w/ Jonathan Davis of Korn- This Town:

List: Best “The” Bands


I had a weird thought last night. How about compiling a list of all the BEST┬ábands out there that start with the word “The.” This should be fun.
As always, your input is more than welcome.

This list is in No Particular Order!!

01) The Cure
02) The Cult
03) The Clash
04) The Start
05) The Dillinger Escape Plan
06) The Black Queen
07) The Smashing Pumpkins
08) The Velvet Underground
09) The Doors
10) The National
11) The Smiths
12) The Bled
13) The Kinks
14) The Mars Volta
15) The Misfits
16) The Who
17) The Band
18) The Beatles
19) The Rolling Stones
19) The Moody Blues
20) The Black Crows
21) The Haunted
22) The Replacements
23) The Pretenders
24) The Verve
25) The Animals
26) The Afghan Whigs
27) The Allman Brothers Band
28) The Cars
29) The Damned
30) The Doobie Brothers
31) The Jesus and Mary Chain
32) The Byrds
33) The Seeds
34) The Yardbirds

You Might Have Missed: The Start


We’ve all heard bands that were so good, but it seemed they were ahead of the time. In 2000, long before bands got fully into the 80’s culture of glam and new wave again, The Start was THE band. The only problem is not many people knew who they were. All the bands that came out after them in their genre, were all bland, rehashed, and boring. The Start brought a new vibe to the 80’s new wave style, writing songs that were eye opening and full of emotion. You might know or not that the band was formed of the ashes of Human Waste Project and Snot. Aimee Echo’s voice is one of “the” most original I’ve ever heard and he lyrics were top notch. Musically, the band delivered a sound that mixed new wave, with punk and hard rock. Their debut album Shakedown is wonderful from start to finish. I’ll even put it out there that it’s one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard. Their other albums are stellar and different, showing that the band can evolve. I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing The Start a bunch of times. Let me just tell you that, you missed out on one of the coolest, best live bands ever. So if you did miss out, now is your chance to begin!!

Songs from Shakedown:




Hang On Me:

Her Song:

Glimmer Man:


Songs From The 1234 EP:

The 1234:

Death Via Satellite:

Big Shot:


Songs From Initiation:

Like Days:

Life Is Sweet:


All Or Nothing:


You Me and a Knife:

Songs From Ciao, Baby:



Blood On My Hands: