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Instrumental Songs: Nine Inch Nails- The Mark Has Been Made

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It is no secret that Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band. I’ve spent many many days, nights and years, delving deep into the catalog. When you take a real close listen to a lot of the songs and the order they were placed in on the albums, you really get to feel the vibe. For example, The Fragile (my all time favorite NIN album and favorite album EVER), on disc 2 (better known as the right disc), there is an instrumental song called “The Mark Has Been Made” that is a wonderful almost segue into the next song “Please.” This instrumental is a beast live too. Take a moment and let this one sink into your head!

Nine Inch Nails- The Mark Has Been Made:

Nine Inch Nails- The Mark Has Been Made (LIVE):

Instrumental Songs: Nine Inch Nails- Just Like You Imagined

NIN - Just Like You Imagined] | The fragile, Nine inch nails, Universal  music group

I will never forget the first time I listened to Nine Inch Nails album The Fragile the whole way through. There was something so special about that album. I could and will go into more detail about that album at some point down the road. One of the immediate songs that hit me like a ton of bricks was track number 7 on Disc 1 (or the left side), “Just Like You Imagined.” This instrumental track blew me away. It’s a total encompassing of everything that makes The Fragile so great. The song on the studio recording features David Bowie’s longtime pianist, Michael Garson, who adds some beautiful moments. Live, this song is even better. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing it live a few times and each one of those I was totally in awe at how amazing the song truly is.

Nine Inch Nails- Just Like You Imagined:

Just Like You Imagined (Rehearsal):

My Favorite Songs: Nine Inch Nails- Somewhat Damaged


Since today it was announced that Nine Inch Nails is being inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, I thought I’d share one of my all time favorite songs by NIN. This one goes back to 1999 and the absolute masterpiece that is The Fragile. The song I chose to share is, “Somewhat Damaged” and I still, to this very day, anytime I play this album, I get chills when it comes on. It’s also one of the best songs to ever start an album. Not to mention that live, this song is absolutely a beast. Oh and, I’d also like to note that this song was co-written by Danny Lohner, who just so happens to be one of my all time favorite members of Trent’s live band. So with all that in mind, enjoy one of my top 5 favorite Nine Inch Nails songs EVER!


Nine Inch Nails- Somewhat Damaged:




End Of Album Songs: Nine Inch Nails

03 - Nine Inch Nails

It’s no secret that I have a deep affinity for Nine Inch Nails. Ever since I first heard the band back in 1990, I’ve been enthralled by what Trent has created. Each album has it’s own unique way of taking you on this journey that is really hard to explain. It’s like you are sucked in to every emotion and ride the wave. That’s part of what makes Nine Inch Nails albums so great. From start to finish and with every listen there is something special about the songs and how the ebb and flow just takes you away. So, take a deeper dive into the end of album songs by Nine Inch Nails.

Ringfinger (from Pretty Hate Machine):


Suck (from Broken):


Hurt (from The Downward Spiral):


Ripe With Decay (from The Fragile):


Right Where It Belongs (from With Teeth):


Zero Sum (from Year Zero):


Demon Seed (from The Slip):


Black Noise (from Hestitation Marks):


Burning Bright (Field On Fire) (from Not The Actual Events):


The Background World (from Add Violence):


Over and Out (from Bad Witch):


Title Tracks: Nine Inch Nails

03 - Nine Inch Nails

The “title track” topic is quite fun. The title track is one of those songs that has always left a mark with me. I’m sure many of you out there, like myself, like to really delve into the “why” part of albums. As I mentioned before, these songs seem to have a certain vibe that brings the whole album together. Check out these songs by Nine Inch Nails and then go back and listen to the albums as a whole.


The Downward Spiral:



The Fragile:



With Teeth:


Memorable TV Performances: Nine Inch Nails on the 1999 VMA’s

03 - Nine Inch Nails

Back in 1999, Nine Inch Nails performed on the MTV Video Music Awards. It was pretty unexpected, especially since NIN never performed on TV. Quick Side Note, It wouldn’t happen again until 2013 when Trent and company performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Which actually is the first time the band has ever performed on a late night talk show. The performance of “The Fragile” on the VMA’s was something hauntingly beautiful,  dark and one of the best VMA performances. Plus it featured my all time favorite line up Nine Inch Nails has ever had.


Nine Inch Nails- The Fragile on the 1999 MTV VMA’s:

B Sides: Nine Inch Nails

03 - Nine Inch Nails

It’s really interesting to think about all the B-sides a band has. A lot of the time the songs that didn’t make the album are actually really good but just didn’t fit in the scheme of things. The other day while in the car with my wife, the Nine Inch Nails song “Non- Entity” came on and it got me thinking about all the songs that Trent has written over the years that didn’t get put on albums or even released. So naturally I went on a binge of listening to all the B-sides, covers and unreleased tracks by Nine Inch Nails that I could. Here are a bunch of my favorites.

Album Rank: Nine Inch Nails

03 - Nine Inch Nails

I present to you the album rank of my all time favorite band… Nine Inch Nails!

Note: These are just the “ALBUMS” not the REMIX ALBUMS.


10) Ghosts:


09) The Slip:


08) Not The Actual Events:


07) Hesitation Marks:


06) Year Zero:


05) With Teeth:


04) Pretty Hate Machine:


03) Broken:


02) The Downward Spiral:


01) The Fragile:





Album Anniversary: Nine Inch Nails- The Fragile


Somehow through all the trials and tribulations of life Trent Reznor was able to create amazing albums. Coming off a 5 year hiatus after the release of the highly influential and masterful album The Downward Spiral, Trent finally released The Fragile. While The Downward Spiral had heavily distorted instruments and dark industrial sounds. The Fragile relished in lush soundscapes electronic wizardry, ambient noise, heavy rock guitars, and vocal harmonies. The end result is uncompromising. The way Trent was able to capture the sheer torment and agony thorough his music and lyrics was beyond untouchable.


Each of the sides seems to represent something unique to the inner workings of Trent. The first disc (aka The Left), is easily the more accessible part of the album. Starting with “Somewhat Damaged” which communicates the state of mind/concept that this album is about. “The Day The World Went Away” really delivers. The ambience plays perfectly into the distorted guitars. The segue “The Frail” is a beautiful precursor to the wreckage that is “The Wretched” which is wonderfully angry. “We’re In This Together” is vulnerable and delicate while being able to still hold onto the rage inside of Trent. “The Fragile” is a love song of sorts or a plea to the one who is the apple of his eye. The instrumental “Just Like You Imagined” is a gem on it’s own. The vibe this song puts out is driving and near inspirational. “Even Deeper” gets more involved lyrically and exposes more of Trent. “Pilgrimage”  is another segue that leads us deeper down the tunnel and away from the light. “No, You Don’t” picks up where “Pilgrimage” ended and explodes with heaviness. “La Mer” is a song that Trent said he wrote when he was in such a dark place. There is something about that song the way it blends perfectly into “The Great Below” which closes out the left side beautifully. This song also acts as the end of a chapter.

The right side (disc 2) starts with “The Way Out Is Through.” In a way this song is the further descent into a personal hell. “Into The Void” deals with more of the personal issues, with a heavier vibe. “Where Is Everybody?” has a really cool deconstructed electronic beat that creates a really nice tension throughout the song. “The Mark Has Been Made” is another instrumental/segue that takes us further down the rabbit hole. “Please” has more of an industrial edge to it. “Star Fuckers Inc.” is just a really nice “Fuck You” to all those that irritated and got under the skin of Trent. The guitar tracks on this song are full of heavy goodness. “Complication” takes a step towards the more industrial dance laced beats. It kind of foreshadows where his music is heading. “I’m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally” is a solemn song, as it exposes his want to say goodbye permanently. “The Big Come Down” furthers his not light at the end concept. Musically this is a very unique song filled with melody. “Underneath It All” is a gritty song which keeps the deconstruction alive. Ending the album is “Ripe (With Decay)” this instrumental plays like the close of a life or chapter. There is something special about this song, in that all the quiet sounds and stark instrumentation really helps to sum up all the songs.

The Fragile to me is a marvelous album that can’t be touched. I’d dare even put it above The Downward Spiral. Both are so unique and perfect it’s hard to pick just one. I guess it all depends on ones mood. Trent Reznor is a musical genius. His ability to delve deep and create something so real is inspiring. It’s not easy to create 1 masterpiece. Trent was able to do it twice.



By: Brian Lacy


Two For Tuesday: Nine Inch Nails

The first video/song is The Perfect Drug. Never released on a studio album it was however released on the soundtrack for the film Lost Highway and as a single. The video is one of the best Nine Inch Nails videos ever and the song is wonderful. Trent has never played the song live. There is something haunting and beautiful about the words and how Mark Romanek used them to create such a vivid intricate story in the video.

Into The Void is the second pick in the 2 for Tuesday. Directed by Walter Stern and Jeff Richter, the clip gets literally beneath the surface of Trent Reznor and shows how imperfect he is. The song itself tells the listener that no matter what he does to bring himself back up it all slips away. Into The Void was featured on the masterpiece The Fragile (I will write about this wonderful album soon).

Enjoy 2 For Tuesday!

By: Brian Lacy