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Band Of The Week: RECAP

Since we have reached the half way point of the year, why not do a recap of all the bands of the week for 2015 so far. Here you go!

Ghost Parade:

Before The Mourning:



Ancillary Theorem:



A Light Within:

Sweet Cobra:


The Broken Stems:

The Everyday Losers:

Sierra Swan:

All Hail The Yeti:

The Bloodline:

Royal Thunder:

Sensory Station:

Vanishing Life:

Hidden Cabins:

Dust Moth:


Set and Setting:

Lost In Society:

Band Of The Week: The Broken Stems

Nestled against the cliffs of San Diego, The Broken Stems are bending genres and captivating audiences. Their blend of classic rock, blues and reggae has developed into a sound that emits positivity in a world with so much negative energy. The Broken Stems are Jesse Gawlik (Vocals/Guitar), Chelsea Baker (Bass/Vocals) Brad Sweet (Keyboards/Vocals), and Andrew Bache (Drums). With influences stretching from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Dave Matthews Band, The Dear Hunter and more modern groups like Alt-J, the members have boundless amounts of space to create music. The bands musical connection and constant flow makes this band stand out. Each member brings out a different creative aspect in the other, allowing the music and lyrics to be at the fore front.

The Broken Stems deliver a style that remains true, emotional, and original while including the elements that make the listener want more. Having played packed shows throughout the San Diego area, including sold out shows at the House of Blues. The Broken Stems are leaving their stamp on the music scene. Currently, The Broken Stems are gearing up to record the follow up to 2013’s We Are Home EP. The message of The Broken Stems’ music, more than anything is to live a music filled life, rich with the people it touches and the effect we know it can bring.


By: Brian Lacy

New Release: The Broken Stems- Take Me In (Live)


I had the pleasure of seeing The Broken Stems open for Abloom back in September. They stood out not just because they were a different genre, but because of the passion and intensity they played with. Today they released their newest song and video entitled “Take Me In.” It’s a soothing, laid back song yet heavy in it’s lyrical connotation. Check it out!

The Broken Stems: Take Me In (Live)

Live Review: Abloom


When a band reunites after a long time, especially 10 years later, the expectations are very skeptical. But there are some instances when its as though the band never left. That’s exactly how it went down for the shows Abloom played this past weekend. Starting in Santa Barbara at Velvet Jones and then again at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, Abloom picked up right where they left off. The bands energy on stage mixed with the perfect setlist of their songs was awe inspiring. The dueling guitars of Levon Sultanian and Sonny Mayo (filling in for Mikey Doling) were beyond in sync. Roy Mayorga pounded away on his drums with authority while Marcello Dias’ bass thumped perfectly and Jasan Radfords vocals were top notch. When the band started playing, all the lyrics came back in my head as though it were 10 years ago. Those that remember them from way back really went all out during both shows. More on Abloom in a moment.




Opening the show at Velvet Jones was The Broken Stems from San Diego. Their blend of indie rock, mixed with a laid back vibe fit perfectly against the back drop of Santa Barbara. Next up was the very fantastic With Our Arms To The Sun. Their sound encapsulates doom metal, sludge, and prog rock. These guys are beasts live. Think Tool meets Neurosis. The energy from their set radiated throughout the night. Their 35 minute set was smart and intriguing. They were the perfect band to be a part of the night. After them was Soma. They carried on with the energy of With Our Arms. All that momentum carried on to Abloom. The guys in Abloom came back with a vengeance. They don’t need much on stage since their repertoire of songs is unbeatable. Songs like “January 2nd,” “What You Came For,” “After That Quiet,” “So Softly,”  Blood Sweat and Tears,” and “Alone We Sing” have all been personal favorites of mine for years and they sounded great. Their sets at both Velvet Jones and Sunset Music Fest were on fire

It’s a breath of fresh air now that Abloom has returned. Now they can finish what the started properly. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Abloom Setlist:

1. January 2nd
2. What You Came For
3. Nothing Left To Do
4. After That Quiet
5. Burnt Offerings
6. So Softly
7. Blood, Sweat & Tears
8. Cover Up
9. Along We Sing




By: Brian Lacy

Abloom in Santa Barbara!!!


Friday night September 19th at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, Abloom returns from a 10 year hiatus. Sharing the stage with them is With Our Arms To The Sun, Soma and The Broken Stems. It’s primed to be a great night! Come out and enjoy the music!! Show starts at 8pm. $12 and 21 and over!

It’s going to be well worth the trip!


With Our Arms To The Sun:


The Broken Stems: