The Amalgamut

F You Songs: Filter- So I Quit

The art of the F You song is actually quite simple. Take a person or event in your life/world that is bothering you, work up some aggressive music and then unleash the venom that is brewing inside and you’ve got one hell of a good way to express those feelings. One of the songs that I tend to go to when I need a to let out a good F You is “So I Quit” by Filter from their album, The Amalgamut. This track is a perfect F You song. It’s simple and to the point and the BIG F YOU at the end is superb!

Filter- So I Quit:

Album Rank: Filter


Filter is about to release a new album called Crazy Eyes. So naturally that has put me in a Filter mood as of late. I recently went back and did a full catalog listen of Filter and have come up with an album ranking of their releases from not their best work to the best.


Anthems For The Damned:


The Sun Comes Out Tonight:


Crazy Eyes:


The Trouble With Angels:


The Amalgamut:


Title Of Record:


Short Bus: