The Allman Brothers Band

Alternate Version: The Allman Brothers- Whipping Post (Live 1971)

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The Allman Brothers are simply great. They wrote some pretty amazing songs and were one of the best live bands ever. Their live shows featured some amazing versions of their songs. At Fillmore East (1971) was the band’s artistic and commercial breakthrough, and has been considered by some critics to be one of the greatest live albums in rock music. One of the best and most profound moments of this album is the live version of “Whipping Post.” This version sees the band drastically extend the song. The studio version is a little over 5 minutes while this version is over 23 minutes but, every minute of it is vital and mind blowing. So enjoy this wonderful gem and play it loud!

The Allman Brothers Band- Whipping Post (Live 1971):



The Allman Brothers Band- Whipping Post (Studio Version):


List: Best “The” Bands


I had a weird thought last night. How about compiling a list of all the BEST┬ábands out there that start with the word “The.” This should be fun.
As always, your input is more than welcome.

This list is in No Particular Order!!

01) The Cure
02) The Cult
03) The Clash
04) The Start
05) The Dillinger Escape Plan
06) The Black Queen
07) The Smashing Pumpkins
08) The Velvet Underground
09) The Doors
10) The National
11) The Smiths
12) The Bled
13) The Kinks
14) The Mars Volta
15) The Misfits
16) The Who
17) The Band
18) The Beatles
19) The Rolling Stones
19) The Moody Blues
20) The Black Crows
21) The Haunted
22) The Replacements
23) The Pretenders
24) The Verve
25) The Animals
26) The Afghan Whigs
27) The Allman Brothers Band
28) The Cars
29) The Damned
30) The Doobie Brothers
31) The Jesus and Mary Chain
32) The Byrds
33) The Seeds
34) The Yardbirds