Instrumental Albums: Dave Lombardo- Rites Of Percussion

Drums and Dave Lombardo are like kindred spirits that are just meant to be. It’s one of those things in the world that makes absolute and total sense. I’ll never forget the first time I heard Dave play on a Slayer album when I was kid as well as the first time I ever got to see Dave play which was surprisingly at a Fantomas show before I saw him in Slayer. Dave’s been a busy guy for years from his time playing in Grip Inc, Fantomas, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, and more recently Dead Cross, Mr. Bungle and The Misfits. Now though, Dave really gets to expand upon all the years of great rhythms with his solo album, Rites Of Percussion. Interestingly, it was Mike Patton in the late 90’s that originally suggested Dave do a solo drum album.

Rites Of Percussion is not your average solo or instrumental album. Instead what you get is an album that is a real start to finish journey. The shifts, twists, turns and intense rhythms found throughout this record are heavy while atmospheric and experimental. The way these songs are crafted are extremely compelling and will have you listening that much closer to pick up on all the nuances and extra bits. Being a diverse drummer, Dave has mixed all sorts of styles of jazz, funk, tribal, rock, world music and different techniques into Rites Of Percussion. One of the things that I love most about this album is the experimentation. Adding different textures and sounds to the righteous rhythms gives these “songs” a hypnotic edge that you might find on a John Carpenter score.

Dave Lombardo is one of the most innovative drummers of the last few decades. He has solidified his place amongst the great rock and metal drummers ever. And all the other bands and projects he’s been a part of have helped to guide him to this place. Rites Of Percussion is one of those albums that is not only creative it’s full to the brim with different cryptic energies that make for some vivid imagery within. Do yourself a favor and take this album for a ride and let it lead you to wherever it takes you.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Dave Lombardo- Rites Of Percussion:

Band Of The Week: Dress The Dead


One of the coolest things about being a musician is being able to explore different genres and expand your musical palate. For many years now I’ve been a fan of guitarist Craig Locicero. You might recall the bands he’s been a part of from Forbidden, Manmade God and Spiralarms. Not only can Craig rip on guitar, he is also one hell of a songwriter. Which brings me to his latest band, Dress The Dead. This new band has it all, from super heavy riffs and thunderous rhythms but also a great rock voice that reaches the metal heights and soulful elements of blues. Dress The Dead is comprised of┬áKayla Dixon (voice), Craig Locicero (guitar), Dan Delay (guitar), James Walker (bass) and Mark Hernandez (drums). It’s worth mentioning that the original singer of the band was Peter Dolving from The Haunted. While Peter laid the groundwork for the vocals, Kayla has really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park (yes I used a baseball reference. It is baseball seasons after all). The best way to describe Dress The Dead is Thrashy Rock N Roll. While it’s “metal” it’s definitely rock through and through. From the songs they have released so far like “Promises & Kisses,” “There Goes The Sun,” and “1969” it’s very apparent that Dress The Dead is going to be one hell of a band.


Dress The Dead- Promises & Kisses:


Dress The Dead- There Goes The Sun:


Dress The Dead- Knives Out (Live):


Dress The Dead- 1969 (with Peter Dolving):