Anticipated Albums: Godmother- Obeveklig

Oh boy!!! This is exciting!! A few years back I heard about the band Godmother in an interview with Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Basically he was raving about them and how they were the next in line. Fast forward a few months later, I finally got to see Godmother live when they made a stop in LA with Cult Leader at The Satellite/Spaceland (R.I.P.). What a show it was. They were amazing live and it was honestly one of the most fun I had at a show in a long time. There was even an impromptu limbo contest mid set on the floor of the venue. Anyways, Godmother are badass and heavy as all hell. I’ve been waiting a hell of a long time for some new jams from them and today that happened in the form of the song “Teething” from their upcoming EP, Obeveklig (Out May 6)! This track is a blistering minute and a half of heavy! ENJOY!

Soundtrack Only Songs: Deftones- Teething

The Crow: City Of Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ...

Yesterday evening, I was on a Deftones rabbit hole and found myself looking up a lot of Adrenaline era live videos. While on this trip, my interest in the song “Teething” peaked the most. I will always remember the song from being a part of The Crow: City Of Angels Soundtrack (great soundtrack but, terrible movie). I especially remember that they are in fact featured in the movie playing the song. “Teething” most definitely should have been included on the Adrenaline album. It’s such a cool song. So, enjoy some Deftones today!


Teething- The Crow: City Of Angels version:



Teething- 1993 Demo version:




Teething- Live 1996: