Tea For One

End Of Album Songs: Led Zeppelin


Some of the all time best end of album songs have come from Led Zeppelin. They really knew how to pick best song to end their records. Each and everyone they picked has this perfect element of everything they just gave your from the start of the album. I have my favorites like “How Many More Times,” “When The Levee Breaks,” “The Ocean,” and “Tea For One.” Led Zeppelin were masters of their craft and these songs help to show that.


How Many More Times (from Led Zeppelin I):

Bring It On Home (from Led Zeppelin II):


Hats Off To Roy Harper (from Led Zeppelin III):


When The Levee Breaks (from Led Zeppelin IV):

The Ocean (from Houses Of The Holy):

Sick Again (from Physical Graffiti):

Tea For One (from Presence):


I’m Gonna Crawl (from In Through The Out Door):



Wearing and Tearing (from Coda):


Cover Thursday: Joe Bonamassa (Led Zeppelin)- Tea For One

Led Zeppelin is a very hard band to cover and do justice. There has only been a select few over the years that are worth while. A friend of mine pointed out this cover that the fabulous blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa did. While the vocals aren’t the greatest, the arrangement is great! Joe really nails Jimmy Page’s tone and compliments his style. So here is Joe Bonamassa’s cover of Tea For One from the underrated album Presence.

Joe Bonamassa (Led Zeppelin)- Tea For One

Led Zeppelin- Tea For One

By: Brian Lacy