Strap It On

Album Rank: Helmet

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The other day, I wound up with the Helmet song “In The Meantime” stuck in my head. As always when that happens, I am compelled to go listen to the album. While doing that, I realized it’s been a minute since I listened to Helmet. Their early albums are exquisite and highly influential. Their more recent albums, have some really cool songs on them, and do hark back to their early days at times. So, with that in mind, here’s a ranking of their albums from not their best to the best.

8) Seeing Eye Dog:

7) Dead To The World:

6) Size Matters:

5) Monochrome:

4) Aftertaste:

3) Strap It On:

2) Betty:

1) Meantime:

Cover Thursday: Deftones (Helmet)- Sinatra


In 1990, Helmet came on to the scene with their debut album Strap It On. It was hailed by critics at the time as innovative for its explosive, propulsive, riff style. The song “Sinatra” was talked about as moody and atmospheric. With a description like that it’s no wonder that the Deftones would go on to cover this song.


By: Brian Lacy