Stoner Metal

Band Of The Week: O Zorn


There have been so many great three piece bands over the years and it never ceases to amaze me the power of what a three piece band can emit. Recently I came across a three piece band that is putting out some serious heavy grooves along with a pummeling sound and I couldn’t wait to share them with you all. Let me introduce you to O Zorn. Armed with a sound that is part stoner/doom, sludgey and noise rock, it comes as no shock that O Zorn is going to deliver a decimating sound. Their new album, Your Killer, was recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. That along with the riffs of both Bill Kielty and Bill Meyer and the unstoppable carnage that drummer Danny Walker brings to the rhythm, has made O Zorn a force to be reckoned with in the heavy music community. Your Killer is out March 20 (via Seeing Red Records). In the mean time, check out these two songs from this upcoming “killer” of an album.

O Zorn- Casket:



Album Review: Interstelar- Resin


I’m quite fond of the “Stoner Metal/Rock” genre. There is enough “heavy” in the music to go around, and there is the slowed down element as well that brings it all together. Bands like Black Sabbath and Down have it down to a science and their formula has been imitated for many years now. Some bands though bring out something more than just the sludgy slowed down metal. Interstelar, a band that has been a previous band of the week, just released a new album entitled Resin, that brings something more to the table. Their blend of Sabbath and Down branded rock is mixed very well with added inspiration from The Cult and Corrosion Of Conformity. Tracks like “siLO,” “Resin,” and “Behold,” really hone in on the stoner vibe. Then there is a song like “High Horse,” that adds soothing and sweet melody, along with a vibe that puts you at ease. Lyrically the songs are on a different plane all together. They range from the social climate of today to everyday things in life, and it’s done in a way thats not intrusive or off putting, that it takes away from the mood of the music. Interstelar know how to make this genre their own and expand upon it. I “highly” recommend you take a listen to this album and hear for yourself.


Interstelar- Resin:


By: Brian Lacy


Band Of The Week: Young Hunter

429002_243144619110462_654680814_nThe Portland music scene is getting bigger as time goes on. Stoner/Doom metal in particular is growing by leaps and bounds. Young Hunter is one of those bands that has the elements of stoner/doom but adds something else to the mix. Their use of 70’s psychedelia really makes their music stand out. There are some comparisons to Torche and Black Mountain in the way their music sounds. Their recent EP Embers At The Foot Of Dark Mountain is soothing and seductive all the while being powerful. One can tell by listening that the members of Young Hunter really have a feel for what they create.

By: Brian Lacy