Secret Songs: Staind- Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage | Staind/Aaron Lewis

This category is quite fun to do. Going back to certain albums and remembering the secret songs, is always interesting. I miss the days when you’d buy an album and discover there was something hidden at the end. I don’t know how or why but, the other day I remembered that at the end of the Staind album Dysfunction there was a hidden track. The song is just Aaron Lewis and an acoustic guitar. Anyways here’s “Excess Baggage.”

Staind- Excess Baggage:



In Honor Of Layne Staley


It has been over 12 years since the death of Layne Staley. I was always more of an Alice In Chains fan than a Nirvana fan. So in 2002, when it was announced that Layne was dead, it hit me pretty hard. Over the years there have been many songs written about Layne, a few¬†of which I’d like to share with you all, as well as the great MTV Unplugged performance. Layne had such a unique voice and wrote straight from the heart. His ability to connect with people through his pain and struggles, provided so much help to those in need. Layne is forever missed and never fogotten.


Alice In Chains: Black Gives Way To Blue


Pearl Jam: 4/20/02


Staind: Layne


Alice In Chains: MTV Unplugged