Sound & Shape

Bandcamp Friday: February 4, 2022


Thought I’d try something new and fun! Since today is Bandcamp Friday (when they wave their fee for 24 hours) why not showcase some great bands and their albums/singles that are out now! Check out these bands and show them some support!


Arc Angles:

Some Gifts:

If It Kills You:

Spirit In The Room:


Niner Niner:



Tombstones In Their Eyes:

Filth Is Eternal:

Deaf Club:

The Moon Rocks:

Cowboy Destroy:

Speed Of Light:


In Parallel:

Sound and Shape:


New Release: Sound & Shape- Sugar The Pill


A few months back, I introduced you to the Nashville based Sound & Shape. Their mix of heaviness, soul and melody really strikes a chord when you listen. Now, Sound & Shape have released a new track and video “Sugar The Pill” off their upcoming album, Disaster Medicine (out in 2022). This song is a great representation of the style and sound of their new album. Their sound has now expanded past the core instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums with the introduction of synths and even more backing vocals. Sound & Shape are on the right path with this new sound!

Sound & Shape- Sugar The Pill:

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