Smashing Pumpkins

New Release- Smashing Pumpkins- Solara


I’m sure most of you know about the 3/4 reunion of The Smashing Pumpkins. They have announced a full scale US Tour and will be releasing a new album (their first with Billy, James, and Jimmy in over 18 years) to coincide with the tour. The first song released by this newly reunited Pumpkins along with longtime Corgan collaborator Jeff Shroeder is called “Solara.” It’s a very Pumpkins sounding track. The real highlight of the song is Jimmy Chamberlain’s drumming on it. Jimmy is seriously one of the most underrated drummers of the last 25-30 years. That guy is a beast behind the kit. Anyways check out the song below. I’m interested to know what you all think of it.

Smashing Pumpkins- Solara:

Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2

Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2 is here and what an “eclectic” show it is. I’ve got some really great bands and songs to play for you all. Be prepared to experience something intriguing,

Remember this show is totally interactive. I’m interested to know what bands/songs you dig and don’t. I’m also taking requests be it bands/songs you want to hear, topics you’d like me to discuss, and anything else you might find interesting.

All this is done because I love music and love being able to tell others about great music that is out there.

Tell your friends about Audioeclectica and the show! Share it with everyone!

Enjoy the show!


Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2:

Top Ten Bands A-Z: S


The A to Z  list continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. S is upon us and needs help to complete the list. S is going to be one of the most difficult due to there being so many bands that begin with the letter S.

As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list.

These are in no particular order as well.


01) Sex Pistols
02) Stone Temple Pilots
03) Bruce Springsteen
04) Soundgarden
05) Smashing Pumpkins
06) The Smiths
07) Slayer
08) Paul Simon/Simon and Garfunkel



Video Rank: Smashing Pumpkins


They don’t make videos like they used to. Way back, when the budgets for videos were HUGE, we the fans got some nearly cinematic pieces. I genuinely miss those days. Thinking about all that made me make this list of the best videos The Smashing Pumpkins ever did.


10)  The Everlasting Gaze:


09) Siva:


08) Disarm:


07) Cherub Rock:


06) Zero:

05) Today:


04) Ava Adore:


03) Tonight, Tonight:


02) Bullet With Butterfly Wings:



01) 1979:










The Audioeclectica Podcast: Episode 4 Part 1


The Audioeclectica Podcast Episode 4 Part 1.

In this episode we discuss:

Bands coming back without all the original members and how it changes the band.

Bands playing covers live and how it takes away from other songs they could play.

And that’s just part 1…

Part 2 will be up next week!!!



Audioeclectica Podcast: Josh Of With Our Arms To The Sun



I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Josh Breckinridge the vocalist/guitarist of With Our Arms To The Sun. We discuss their upcoming new album ORENDA and upcoming tour dates, music tastes, and have an all around fun conversation.




Podcast: Conversation With- Josh of With Our Arms To The Sun:





Ultimate Set List: The Smashing Pumpkins


I haven’t done an “Ultimate Set List” in awhile. I was thinking to myself the other day that The Smashing Pumpkins have so many great songs on their albums that get overlooked that I should do an Ultimate Set List, if only to put it out in the ether that these songs should be played live. So without anymore delay, here is what I would like to hear if I could customize the perfect Smashing Pumpkins show.

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: maximum 25 songs

Rule 2: What line up of the band would it be

Rule 3: Where would you want to see the show

Lineup: Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlain, D’arcy Wretzky, James Iha

Venue: Double Door in Chicago


Set List:

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning
Tonight, Tonight
Cherub Rock
An Ode To No One
One and All (with special guest Tommy Lee on Drums…since he played it on the album)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Tales Of A Scorched Earth
Daphne Descends


Ava Adore

Cover Thursday: Smashing Pumpkins (Depeche Mode)- Never Let Me Down Again

This has always been one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs. When I heard Smashing Pumpkins cover it many many years ago, I loved the song even more. There is something to the way that Billy Corgan arranges songs, to make them his own. Enjoy this wonderful cover!

Smashing Pumpkins- Never Let Me Down Again:

Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down Again:

Cover Thursday: A Bunch Of Neil Young Covers

Last night I saw Neil Young, and I’m still in awe. He played for three hours non stop. I wanted to write a review of the show but I seriously can’t put into words how amazing it was. Well in honor of that show, I thought I’d share some really great covers of Neil songs with you all. Enjoy!

Thom Yorke- After The Gold Rush:

Smashing Pumpkins- Cinnamon Girl:

Pearl Jam- Fuckin Up:

Bob Dylan- Old Man:

Cover Comparison: Smashing Pumpkins vs Bush (Fleetwood Mac)- Landslide

So this past week as you can tell I’ve been back on a Smashing Pumpkins kick. I was searching through covers that they did over the years and wanted to do something in those regards. So while looking up Smashing Pumpkins covers I remembered that Bush also covered Stevie Nicks “Landslide.” So what one do you think is better?

Smashing Pumpkins- Landslide:

Bush- Landslide:

Stevie Nicks: