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Live Review: Old Blood, With Our Arms To The Sun, Interstelar at The Silverlake Lounge


When I go to a show these days there are a few things I look for in the band that’s on stage. First is the music. Do the bands have the ability to transition their music from their album to a live setting? Second is their performance. Do the bands really give it their all and let the music and their art take over to allow them to unleash that inner beast? Third is the lasting effect. When the band is done are you left in awe over what you just saw or are you left feeling meh? Now some might consider this criteria as elitist but, when you’ve been to as many shows as I have and seen the amount of bands I have, you need to be able to see through the bands that really have it and don’t. Friday night at the Silverlake Lounge was quite the eclectic mix of bands and music and all three bands I was there to see brought something different to the stage.


Live Review: 1000 Suns, And We Are Them, Ghost Idols @ Silverlake Lounge


There is a lot of talk out in the mainstream about rock music being a dying part of music. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not true at all. There are a slew of bands out there that are carrying the torch for the rock genre and doing it with extreme amounts of passion and love for the music. Last night at the Silverlake lounge, three of the most solid rock bands shared the stage last night and showed those who were in attendance that rock is still very much alive.


1000 Suns started the night off with their blend of instrumental post-rock . Through the 45 minutes during their set you could feel the passion in their music as it permeated through the venue. Armed as a three piece, these guys led by guitarist Andy Scott, have a sound with influences ranging from Radiohead, Tool, and a slew of 90’s bands like Failure. 1000 Suns were the perfect band to open up the night.


Next up was And We Are Them. These gents brought it last night. Their high energy filled music mixed with passionate lyrics really left a statement on the night. During certain songs you can hear the influences of bands like At The Drive In, Quicksand, and Failure. I’ve mentioned before that this band really believes in what they do and it shows in their performances. Playing songs from their newest EP A Subtle Tyranny and some other older gems, And We Are Them had the crowd intrigued and glued to watching them play, as they left it all on stage.


Closing out the night was Ghost Idols, another band that delivers passionate music with a 90’s tinge and some sludge. They deliver a wall of thunderous sound live. They three of them all play with conviction and belief in what they do. They played a slew of new songs that up their game from their previous EP. Ghost Idols were the perfect band to close out the night.

All three of these bands are proof that rock music is alive and well. They deliver music they believe in and it shows. You can tell they all do this for the love of music and the creation of art. With bands like this out there, it’s only a matter of time before more people start to clue in that there are great bands out there playing good music. So get out there people and support bands like this!!!


1000 Suns:
And We Are Them:

Ghost Idols:



Live Review: Dekades at The Silverlake Lounge


Some bands have the ability to completely conquer a venue and make you forget that you are at a dingy place. Dekades did that for me. Their powerful set was a buildup of ambience to all out rock, playing songs off their EP 1.1 and then some. Singer/guitarist Arden Fisher has a voice that is amazing live as it on on record. She believes every word that is being sung and does it all very convincingly. The band themselves are very sound in their playing especially the energy coming from the drummer during their set. His facial expressions encompass his passion for playing and being in the band. The other guitarist and bass player were right in the pocket despite the strange conditions from the sound. The keyboard effects add to the already bombastic sound.  Even with the venue being what it is, Dekades owned the night. One can only imagine the great things on the horizon for them.


By: Brian Lacy

Live Review: Sidewave and Hidden Amongst Us

A bands first show can go one of two ways, it’s either a huge success or it just doesn’t hit the mark. For Sidewave, it hit the mark in a grand way. Singer/guitarist Phil Golyshko and band kicked off their set with one of their newest songs from their upcoming split with Anakin (a previously featured band here on the site). The set featured mostly songs from their most recent release “Big Time” featuring the songs “Honest To God” and “Sundrop”. The last song of the evening was a wonderful cover of Air’s “Playground Love” off the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Sidewave’s brand of heavy shoe gaze and space rock, is loud and clean without missing a beat. Vocally, this band is in sync and comes across with great clarity. This first show is a sign of great things to come for Sidewave.

Also playing this night was Los Angeles based hard rock band Hidden Amongst Us (also previously featured here on the site). Their blend of hard rock with melodic vocals stirred up a high energy performance. Their set which featured songs off their recently released album, was powerful and melodic. Singer Evan Michael Mentone is a deep raspy yet clear voice which guides the songs along.

It was a great night for live music despite the dinginess at the Silverlake Lounge. It had been years since I last attended a show there, and I remember why I never went back. Looks like someone needs to up their game. If the bands can bring their A game why can’t the venue!

By: Brian Lacy