Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2

Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2 is here and what an “eclectic” show it is. I’ve got some really great bands and songs to play for you all. Be prepared to experience something intriguing,

Remember this show is totally interactive. I’m interested to know what bands/songs you dig and don’t. I’m also taking requests be it bands/songs you want to hear, topics you’d like me to discuss, and anything else you might find interesting.

All this is done because I love music and love being able to tell others about great music that is out there.

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Audioeclectica Radio Episode 2:


Bands That Should Return: Silverchair


Over the past few years there has been a resurgence of bands from the 90’s reuniting. Some have been absolutely great to have back, like Failure, and others, well lets just not mention them. One band in particular that I’d love to see make a return is Silverchair.

Their first three albums are still in constant rotation in my stereo and still hold up. The first album Frogstomp is drenched in teenage angst and despair but, it still resonates with today’s youth. Freak Show is a continuation of that angst but with a bit more social commentary. And Neon Ballroom, the bands pinnacle and most evolved album, is an unsung masterpiece. From start to finish, Neon Ballroom is exactly what the band should have become.  Their follow up albums though, Diorama and Young Modern, were a bit sub par and deviated a bit too far from what the band had evolved into. Granted I know that Daniel Johns is a huge Beatles fan, so that pretty much explains why Diorama sounds the way it does. The way the band disappeared after Young Modern is sort of sad. Young Modern was also a giant departure from their rock sound and focused more on electronics and synths. The lyrics even took on a more metaphorical approach but, still retained Daniel Johns poetic touch.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Silverchair was still a band. I’d really like to see them come back. They were a very underrated band in the sea of grunge/alternative rock bands. When Silverchair released Neon Ballroom, it was cemented that they had the ability to break away from what they were placed in by the critics and media. To this day, that album is one of the best albums of the 90’s, even though it was released in 99.

So what do you say Silverchair? How bout it! Get back out there and kick ass again. The fans want it, and I’m sure deep down you do as well.




Freak Show:


Neon Ballroom:

List: Best Three Piece Bands

I’ve always been intrigued by bands that have 3 or less members. Sure some of them when they play live add members to fill out their sound, but the core remains those three people. So with that in mind here is a list of the best three piece bands. Note This list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Beastie Boys
Thin Lizzy
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Depeche Mode
Green Day
Black Map
Jimi Hendrix Experience
ZZ Top
Wild Throne
High On Fire
Dinosaur Jr
Crosby, Stills & Nash
The Melvins
Sigur Ros
The Police (Even though Sting is a douche)

Cover Thursday: Silverchair (Black Flag)- Wasted/Fix Me

I woke up this morning with Silverchair’s “Israel’s Son” stuck in my head. That riff is timeless. Anyways, while delving into my Silverchair albums I sought out seeing what covers they have done, I came across this interesting version of Black Flag’s “Wasted/Fix Me.” I’m still torn as to if I like it or not, but I can tell you that Daniel John’s vocals on it are quite fun and make this cover worth checking out. On a sidenote, the era of Black Flag these songs appear are with Keith Morris on vocals, in case you were wondering.


Silverchair- Wasted/Fix Me:


Black Flag- Wasted:


Black Flag- Fix Me:

Band Of The Week: The Everyday Losers

11055201_915688818450413_3728623161412012303_nIt’s really nice to hear the resurgence of loud rock bands coming back to the forefront. Bands that have a knack for being able to write solid rock songs with melody. I present you Indiana’s The Everyday Losers. Combining their love for heavy hard rock and 90’s alternative, especially Nirvana, Silverchair and Bush. The Everyday Losers released their debut EP “Songs for Us All” in June 2011 and their second EP “Social Paradise” in January 2012. The band released their debut album “Revel in the Chaos” in June 2014 with 2 singles released so far.  They have toured nationally with Saliva and Future Leaders of the World, and shared the stage with some of the bigger radio rock bands from the last few years. These guys are radio ready but without the silly generic sound that comes with all those bands. In February they released a new EP entitled “Underexposed – Live and Acoustic” via Dead Industry Records.

The Everyday Losers- Underexposed Live and Acoustic:

Listen on Reverb Nation:

By: Brian Lacy

Album Rank: Silverchair



Silverchair has long been one of my favorite bands. Neon Ballroom is in my top 50 albums of all time. So with that in mind I thought why not rank all of Silverchair’s albums. Here they are from not the best to their best.
Young Modern:


Freak Show:






Neon Ballroom:


By: Brian Lacy

Unsung Masterpieces: Silverchair- Neon Ballroom


As the 90’s came to an end and the music started to evolve, plenty of bands started to add other elements to their sounds to compliment the changing climates. Radiohead is a prime example. One band that really took a sharp turn was Silverchair. Their third album Neon Ballroom, took them to the next level as far as songwriting, production, and performance. Their earlier releases especially Frogstomp were full of untamed rage, despair, and teenage angst. Frogstomp was written when the band were only 14. When Neon Ballroom was released, Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies, Chris Joannou, seemed as though they finally achieved what they wanted to do musically. Lyrically, the songs were more personal and had a feel to them that could be related to just as the early 90’s “grunge” bands. Musically it went beyond the simple drums, bass and guitar, The riffs got more intricate, rhythms more complex, and a new element of strings were used. The first track on the album “Emotion Sickness” takes that approach and mixes their blend of hard rock with a bit of orchestral sounds, thus making it epic, especially at the peak of the song where Daniel sings “get out” in such pain and despair. “Ana’s Song (Open Fire)” was written about Daniel’s bout with anorexia. The first single “Anthem For The Year 2000” has the similar vibe of their previous 2 releases but this time more grown up. Other stand outs on Neon Ballroom are “Miss You Love” “Spawn Again” (which was originally featured on the Spawn Soundtrack), “Black Tangled Heart.” There really is something about this album that allows the listener to grow with the band. Not to mention that this album was name number 25 in the top 100 best Australian albums of all time. Silverchair went on to release 2 other albums after Neon Ballroom, but they don’t compare to how great this album is. Now if only they would just get back together and tour!!

By: Brian Lacy