Shadows Fall

Bands With a Different Singer Than Their First

When a band replaces a singer in the band, it usually doesn’t hold a candle to what the original singer did. Sometimes though it completely reinvigorates the band and they go on to flourish. Below is a list of bands who replaced their first singers and went on to become really awesome bands. In No Particular Order!!

Pantera: Terry Glaze/Philip Anselmo
ACDC: Bon Scott/Brian Johnson (Bon Scott was great though, had he not died, who knows what would have happened)
Slipknot: Anders Colsefni/Corey Taylor
Norma Jean: Josh Scogin/Cory Brandon
Shadows Fall: Phil Labonte/Brian Fair
Black Flag: Keith Morris/Henry Rollins
In Flames: Mikael Stanne/Anders Friden
Alice In Chains: Layne Staley/ William DuVall
Black Sabbath: Ozzy Osbourne/ Ronnie James Dio
Deep Purple: Ian Gillan/ Rod Evans
Iron Maiden: Paul DiAnno/ Bruce Dickinson
Genesis: Peter Gabriel/ Phil Collins
Judas Priest: Al Atkins/Rob Halford
Anthrax: Neil Turbin/Joey Belladonna
Faith No More: Chuck Mosley/Mike Patton

Cover Thursday: Shadows Fall (Pink Floyd)- Welcome To The Machine

Pink Floyd is very hard to cover. Korn tried and failed miserably, but then again it is Korn. In 2003, when Shadows Fall released their great album The Art Of Balance, I was incredibly surprised to hear them cover “Welcome To The Machine” at the end of the album. It’s another cover that I’m torn on. I love the original, and this version is good but I’m sure something is missing from it. 


By: Brian Lacy

Underrated and Influential Part 3: Only Living Witness


There are certain areas in America that have spawned new sounds of music. Seattle had grunge, the San Francisco had thrash metal, New York had a punk revolution, and Boston, Massachusetts had hardcore. One of the most underrated bands yet very influential bands that came from the area was Only Living Witness. The band was formed in 1989 by Jonah Jenkins (vocals) Eric Stevenson (drums), Kevin Stevenson (guitar) and Kevin Costa (bass). In 1991, Kevin Stevenson and Costa were replaced by Craig Silverman and Chris Crowley. Only Living Witness was signed to Century Media Records. Their debut  Prone Mortal Form was released in 1993. The songs VTA and December are classic standouts. They embraced the hardcore roots with a melodic edge to them In 1996 their follow-up CD Innocents was released, but the band had already split up. Songs like Strata, Knew Her Gone, Total Particle Reversal and Downpour continue the melodic hardcore vibe but goes beyond with an added presence of more melody. Only Living Witness briefly reformed in 2008 for four reunion shows: 3 in Massachusetts and 1 in the Netherlands. After being in Only Living Witness Jonah Jenkins went on to perform the vocal duties in Miltown, Milligram and Raw Radar War. Craig Silverman now plays in Slapshot and is the touring guitarist in Blood For Blood. Eric Stevenson, main composer and drummer, died on August 9, 2011, at the age of 43.

Only Living Witness has left a mark on modern hardcore. Their influence of their vocal styles, riffs and drum patterns is very noticeable in many bands. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Every Time I Die, and others all have a lot to owe to the guys in Only Living Witness. One of the best things that have come from this band was their injection of a sense of melody into such heavy music.



By: Brian Lacy