Set And Setting

List: Best Instrumental Bands


I was combing through my CD/Record collection the other day and I noticed that I have quite a few albums by strictly instrumental bands. There is something truly remarkable about being able to create a piece of music that hits all the right emotions and feelings with just music and no lyrics. So, naturally this got me thinking I should compile a list of the best instrumental bands.

This list is in no particular order and needs your input!


01) Explosions In The Sky
02) This Will Destry You
03) Moving Structures
04) Russian Circles
05) And So I Watch You From Afar
06) Apocalyptica
07) Godspeed You Black Emperor
08) If These Trees Could Talk
09) Pelican
10) Mogwai
11) Red Sparrows
12) Orbital
13) Set and Setting
14) 65 Days of Static
15) The Cancer Conspiracy
16) Battles
17) Stars Of The Lid
18) Mono
19) Tangerine Dream

Band Of The Week: RECAP

Since we have reached the half way point of the year, why not do a recap of all the bands of the week for 2015 so far. Here you go!

Ghost Parade:

Before The Mourning:



Ancillary Theorem:



A Light Within:

Sweet Cobra:


The Broken Stems:

The Everyday Losers:

Sierra Swan:

All Hail The Yeti:

The Bloodline:

Royal Thunder:

Sensory Station:

Vanishing Life:

Hidden Cabins:

Dust Moth:


Set and Setting:

Lost In Society:

Band Of The Week: Set & Setting

10615423_10152690533272859_574862118202477385_nOne of the things I really enjoy about instrumental bands is the way the music dictates how your mind will react. Being able to touch on emotions without words is quite intriguing. Florida based  Set and Setting are doing just that and bending genres. Their ambient yet heavy music is reminiscent of Explosions In The Sky mixed with parts of Pelican and Russian Circles. Set and Setting’s music cascades with the flow of each note. Relentlessly touring on their own and the release of their first album they developed a name for themselves in the underground scene. Their second album A Vivid Memory was released on Prosthetic Records in 2014. Set and setting show no signs of coming to a halt while touring and playing shows with bands such as Mouth of the Architect, Eyehategod, Pelican, and Pallbearer. Look for Set and Setting when thy come to your area.

Set and Setting- Coping:

By: Brian Lacy