Ron Underwood

Band Of The Week: 9 Electric


Over the last 10 years or so electronic music has really injected itself into music. ¬†Years ago it was just new wave and industrial bands. Now with the EDM explosion more and more bands are embracing that genre and injecting bits and pieces of it into their music. Some bands can do it really well and others, well, not so much. There is one band I’d like to share with you all though that seems to really understand how to incorporate the electronic element into their rock, and that band is 9 Electric.

9 Electric is an electronic hard rock band from Los Angeles. Their intricate blend of electronics to rock is similar to that of Stabbing Westward, The Prodigy and a dash of Nine Inch Nails. The thing about 9 Electric is that they have really created something intriguing not just with their music but, they have made their shows into something special. Rather than just get up and play, they’ve turned their shows into an “event” of sorts. By making sure their shows are “special,” 9 Electric has put themselves in a position to leave a lasting mark.

9 Electric‘s debut album The Damaged Ones, is chock full of heavy rock and electronics, along with soaring melodies and pristine vocals. With songs like “The Damaged Ones,” “New God,” “Beautiful,” “Take It Away,” and “I Die,” you can tell there is pure belief in what they are writing and performing.

Check out one of Los Angeles’ best bands. And prepare to get up and move!


9 Electric- The Damaged Ones: