Must Own Albums: Interstelar- Resin


Remember how I said that 2016 was a great year for music? Well I still can’t take certain albums from last year out of rotation. Among all the great albums released, there is one that I’ve really dug from first listen. I’m talking about the album RESIN by Interstelar. The band’s ability to write such great songs really keeps you engrossed in listening. The way they are able to mix the stoner/doom genres with bits of classic rock and sludge is pure art. I’ve heard so many “stoner” bands over the years but, not many can even come close to how good Interstelar is.

Every song from beginning to end on Resin not only rocks but emits a vibe that puts you in a bit of a trance and lets you escape through the music. From the moment the chunky riffs in “sILO” starts, you know feel the groove. “Resin” is one of those epic songs that could be on the first Down album. “High Horse” is an absolute gem. It’s ballad-esque feel really showcases the bands songwriting ability. “Hold It” is a sharp rocker that would be perfect for a road trip mix. “Opposite Daze” is a bit of an experimental song but doesn’t stray far from the sound of the band. There is a definite influence of The Cult on this song. “Armada” is damn near mind blowing. Listening to the song there is a bit of a Tool vibe that really helps to guide along the sludge. “Behold” brings the album back around to the “ROCK” and it’s done with such grace. It’s the perfect flow of songs. Closing out the album is “Sequoia,” a more solemn song that has bits of a psychedelic feel the way the guitars come in and out.

Singer Jason Kothmann has a voice for the times and harks back to an era that is based on feeling. The guitar work by Kothmann and Gary Gladson is on par with that of the classic bands of the genre but also, they add a bit of a modern twist with their tone. The rhythm section of  P. J. McMullan on drums and Joe Puccio on bass are so in the pocket it’s as though you are feeling each beat and pulse. Not only is Interstelar a great band of musicians but their album is one that needs to be in every music fans collection.

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Interstelar- Resin:


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Album Review: Interstelar- Resin


I’m quite fond of the “Stoner Metal/Rock” genre. There is enough “heavy” in the music to go around, and there is the slowed down element as well that brings it all together. Bands like Black Sabbath and Down have it down to a science and their formula has been imitated for many years now. Some bands though bring out something more than just the sludgy slowed down metal. Interstelar, a band that has been a previous band of the week, just released a new album entitled Resin, that brings something more to the table. Their blend of Sabbath and Down branded rock is mixed very well with added inspiration from The Cult and Corrosion Of Conformity. Tracks like “siLO,” “Resin,” and “Behold,” really hone in on the stoner vibe. Then there is a song like “High Horse,” that adds soothing and sweet melody, along with a vibe that puts you at ease. Lyrically the songs are on a different plane all together. They range from the social climate of today to everyday things in life, and it’s done in a way thats not intrusive or off putting, that it takes away from the mood of the music.¬†Interstelar know how to make this genre their own and expand upon it. I “highly” recommend you take a listen to this album and hear for yourself.


Interstelar- Resin:


By: Brian Lacy