Rachel Sinfield

Band Of The Week: Antiwave


We live in a very interesting time for music. Electronic music is more prevalent than ever. There is an element to electronic music that if used properly, can make for some really intriguing music. Which brings me to Antiwave. Formed by singer-guitarist-keyboardists Heather Baker and Rachel Sinfield, Antiwave is bringing something special to the table. Mixing bits of Portishead, The Cure, Garbage and the very underrated Air, Antiwave is a band that brings an element of light to the darkness of the goth-synth genre. Their first single “Holiday Heart” is a great way to introduce the band. The song is quite a reflection of influences and of life. You can tell by listening that Heather and Rachel are making music they really connect with. Antiwave is definitely a band to watch out for.


Antiwave- Holiday Heart:

or on YouTube: