Pulse Ultra

List: One Album Bands


I was thinking the other day while looking for something to listen to about how many bands are out there that have only one album. Whether it’s by choice a la The Sex Pistols or because the band was dropped/broke up or even a one time project, I thought it would be quite interesting to compile a list of all those bands and albums.

Your input is always welcome!



Bands That Should Get Back Together: Pulse Ultra


The early 2000’s actually brought out a lot of great bands. Sadly a slew of those got lumped into the Nu-Metal genre. Amongst those bands that got labeled as such that weren’t a part of it was Pulse Ultra. Their debut album Headspace is an album mixed with genuine alternative music, prog rock and a touch of metal. Pulse Ultra’s break came in 2000 when the band met the bands Taproot. Guitarist Dominic Cifarelli gave a demo of Pulse Ultra’s to guitarist Mike DeWolf of Taproot. DeWolf then passed the demo to their management team helping the band to sign with Atlantic Records. Pulse Ultra would go on to play on multiple tours including a stint on Ozzfest. Sadly though in 2004, band dynamics got in the way of another album. Pulse Ultra was a band that had they kept it together could have gone on to a really intriguing career. Their sole album is 14 songs of solid rock, catchy at times, and armed with riffs that get you jumping.


Pulse Ultra- Headspace: