End Of Album Songs: Pixies- Gouge Away

For the past few weeks I’ve been on a big kick of listening to the Pixies. In my deep dive into their catalog, I’ve come to the conclusion many others have as well that Doolittle is one hell of an album and highly influential to so many bands. There really is something special about this album. One day in the near future I will put it all into words but, for right now I just want to focus on the absolute perfection of the final song on the album and that is “Gouge Away.” Every time I hear this song, I don’t want it to end. Sometimes I wish it had a 10 minute solo in the middle of it just because this song is so damn great. Interestingly this song is based on the story of Samson and Delilah. Some think Frank Black is referencing his relationship with bassist Kim Deal, as Frank represents Samson and Kim, Delilah. Other’s think it has to do with heroin addiction. Either way, this song is one hell of a gem and ends Doolittle in perfect fashion. Cheers to the Pixies and their absolute classic album, Doolittle!

Pixies- Gouge Away (Album Version):

Songs In Film: The Pixies Debaser in This Is 40

There are just some movies/films that get the music just ever so right. When you watch Judd Apatow’s This Is 40, there are a plethora of great songs used at such perfect moments. Lately I’ve been delving back into the the catalog of the Pixies and while listening to Doolittle of course this scene came to mind. Paul Rudd in this movie is absolutely perfect as well! It’s quite interesting too how spot on his characters take is on music and how it relates from yesterday to today.

Paul Rudd explains The Pixies “Debasser” off of Doolittle in This Is 40:

Pixies- Doolittle:

Songs In Film: Pixies- Where Is My Mind in Fight Club


I woke up this morning with the Pixies song “Where Is My Mind” in my head. While I was singing the song to myself it made me want to watch Fight Club. To this day, the ending scene of Fight Club when “Where Is My Mind” plays is one of my all time favorite scenes and endings to a film. The placement of the song is absolutely perfect.


End Scene of Fight Club with Where Is My Mind: