List: One Album Bands


I was thinking the other day while looking for something to listen to about how many bands are out there that have only one album. Whether it’s by choice a la The Sex Pistols or because the band was dropped/broke up or even a one time project, I thought it would be quite interesting to compile a list of all those bands and albums.

Your input is always welcome!



Great Guest Vocalists: Maynard James Keenan

Tool in Concert at the AT&T Center - May 21, 2007

We all know what Maynard is capable of vocally with all the projects he has. I’m sure most of you have heard him on some of the below songs he has guested on. There are a couple out there that are surprising though.

Rage Against The Machine: Know Your Enemy

Tori Amos- Muhammed My Friend

Deftones: Passenger

Replicants: Silly Love Songs

30 Seconds To Mars: Fallen

Jubilee: I Don’t Have An Excuse, I Just Need A Little Help

David Bowie: Bring Me The Disco King