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Album Review: Anakin- Celestial Frequency Shifter



Putting aside genre defining, Anakin simply rocks. Their blend of space rock and hooky melodies carry the weight throughout their new album Celestial Frequency Shifter. There is so much space and ambience entangled with the subtle crunchy guitars. Their influences of Weezer, Failure, Hum and science fiction really shine on this release without overpowering the sound that the band has created. Anakin really took their time to craft songs that can stand out on their own or as an album (as it should be). “Astro(not)” is the perfect beginning to this album. The third song “Lucidity,”  really picks up the pace as as hard charging song complete with sultry hooks.  Songs like “Clairvoyanace,” “Ctrl.Alt.Del” and the closing song “Sunbeam,” really strike with the hooks and distorted guitars. There is also another element that this album has, and that is its ability to be uplifting. The way the vocal melodies are mixed with the synths, create this harmonious meditation while listening. Anakin have made an album that is perfect for the start of a new year. Their notions of hope and the thought of what is out there really comes into play.

On The 1-10 Scale: 9/10


Anakin- Celestial Frequency Shifter:


By: Brian Lacy