New Music Friday

New Music Friday: April 29, 2022

This is an exciting week for new singles, albums and EP’s! It seems that each week we get more and more solidly good tunes. Check out new tunes from Nothing More, Downset, Oni, Breaking In A Sequence, Lions At The Gate, Terror, Cave In and Centershift!


Nothing More- Tired Of Winning:

Downset- The Place To Be:

Oni- Secrets (featuring Iggy Pop & Randy Blythe):

Lions At The Gate- Find My Way (featuring Tatiana of Jinjer):

Cave In- Blood Spiller:

Terror- Pain Into Power:

Breaking In A Sequence- Leave Me Be:


Centershift- A Different Shade…

New Music Friday: April 8, 2022

Lots of killer tunes and albums came out this past week. We’ve got new music from Centershift, Vexes, Loather, Rammstein, Decapitated (feat Tatiana from Jinjer), Helms Alee, and Dalek (feat Adam Jones of Tool). Check out these jams and let me

Centershift- And So (Featuring Tallulah of Grumpy Plum):

Vexes- Low Choices:

Loather- Snake Oil:

Rammstein- Zick Zack:

Decapitated- Hello Death (featuring Tatiana of Jinjer):

Helms Alee- Tripping Up The Stairs:

Dalek- A Heretic’s Inheritance (featuring Adam Jones of Tool):

New Music Friday: March 18, 2022

This week has had a good amount of new tunes/videos for you to all enjoy. I’ve got new music from Crosses (2 new songs!!!), Exodus, Onelinedrawing (first new music in 20 years), Decapitated, The Armed (LIVE), Cycotic Youth, Jerry Cantrell, Alphamega, and the mighty Cave In!!!

Crosses- Initiation:

Crosses- Protection:

Exodus- The Fires Of Division:

Onelinedrawing- Tenderwild:

Decapitated- Cancer Culture:

The Armed- All Futures (LIVE):

Cycotic Youth- Cycofied:

Jerry Cantrell- Siren Song:

Alphamega- Annhilator:

Cave In- New Reality:

New Music Friday: Feb 25, 2022

Got some new jams to share with you all. Over the past week a bunch of new music came out. Check out tasty jams by If It Kills You, Sound & Shape, VOWWS, Greg Puciato, Coheed and Cambria, Absent In Body, Haunted Shores, Meshuggah.

If It Kills You- Parallel Lines:

Coheed and Cambria- The Liar’s Club:

Vowws- One By One/Shadow Man:

Greg Puciato featuring Reba Meyers- Lowered:

Sound & Shape- How The Light Gets In:

Absent In Body- Sarin:

Haunted Shores- Only Fangs:

Meshuggah- The Abysmal Eye:

New Music Friday: October 22


So many great songs came out this week along with the phenomenal new album Radical, by Every Time I Die (which is this weeks ALBUM YOU MUST HEAR at the bottom of the list). In this edition of New Music Friday we have new jams from Nvision, Centershift, Jerry Cantrell, Silent Planet, Arch Enemy, The Lurking Fear, See You Space Cowboy HEALTH & Poppy and Mastodon. Check them out and let me know what your favorite is! And don’t forget to listen to the new EVERY TIME I DIE album!!!

Nvision- Fake Friends:

Centershift- 9:

Jerry Cantrell- Siren Song:

Silent Planet- Anhedonia:

Arch Enemy- Deciever, Deceiver:

Health & Poppy- Dead Flowers:

The Lurking Fear (feat. members of At The Gates)- Death Reborn:

See You Space Cowboy- The End To A Brief Moment Of Lasting Intamacy:

Mastodon- Sickle and Peace:


Every Time I Die- Radical:

New Music Friday


Today saw the release of a few pretty rad songs. New ones from Rob Zombie, Chevelle, and Youth Code. All of these bands have new albums coming out in March (Rob Zombie- March 12, Chevelle- March 05, Youth Code- March 09).

Rob Zombie- The Eternal Stuggles Of The Howling Man:

Chevelle- Peach:

Youth Code & King Yosef- Burner:

New Music Friday


There are quite a few awesome singles and albums being released today. Another Friday with something for everyone musically. New tunes from The Smashing Pumpkins, Run The Jewels, Scour, the new Killer Be Killed album and a few more that you’ll dig.

The Smashing Pumpkins- Dulcet In E:

The Smashing Pumpkins- Purple Blood:

Scour- Propaganda:

Run The Jewels- No Save Point:

Refused- Black Dog:

Tombs- Under Sullen Skies:

Killer Be Killed- Reluctant Hero:

New Music Friday


I thought I’d try something new today. Since Friday is now “release day” for new albums and such, I thought it would be a good idea to put together all the songs and or albums that came out today and throughout the week. There is so much music being released these days, it’s hard to keep up sometimes but, with this, there’s a better chance you won’t miss something that came out. So here we go…

Mastodon- Fallen Torches (featuring Scott Kelly of Neurosis):


Spirit In The Room- If You Must:


Justin Stewart Cotta- Longing Is Not Love:



Alain Johannes- If Morning Comes:


Sumac- The Iron Chair:

King Buzzo (Buzz Osborne) with Trevor Dunn- Delayed Clarity:


Vein- 20 Seconds // 20 Hours: