Unsung Masterpieces: Rammstein- Mutter


In 2001 Rammstein released a masterpiece of an album called Mutter (Mother in English).  The eleven songs on this album stretch beyond their normal hard pounding industrial metal sound. The band used the incorporation of strings in certain songs and added more melody throughout. There is also an underlying concept to the album as well. Rammstein has also been a band that has always come with a bit of controversy. For example the album’s cover image is a photograph of a dead fetus. One other fun fact before I delve into the album. During this time Rammstein appeared in the ever forgettable Vin Diesel film XXX. The band is seen in the opening scene, performing their song  “Feuer Frei!”

The album kicks off with “Mein Herz Brennt (My Heart Burns).” Beginning with a delicate string section and Till Lindemann quietly and hauntingly speaking then the heavy comes crashing down. There is also a huge melodic swing that starts in this song and expands throughout the entire album. “Links 2-3-4 (Left 2,3,4)” is the typical type of song that Rammstein is known for. The guitar tone that is found throughout their albums shines big and bright on this album. Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe have a knack for heavy distorted guitars all the while playing with a steady hand that helps the clarity shine. “Sonne (Sun)” The churning guitar guides this song perfectly into a deeply melodic chorus. Also the keyboards by Christian “Flake” Florenz are very prominent on this song. “Sonne” is one of my favorite songs on the album. “Ich Will (I Want)” has a little bit of a dance vibe to it. Christian Schneider’s drums and Oliver Riedel’s bass balance each other out tremendously on this song. Showing the power of their rhythm section. “Feuer Frei (Fire At Will)” is another of the classic signature Rammstein songs. “Mutter (Mother)” is my favorite track on this album. It’s such an intriguing song. You can hear the passion in the voice and the way it’s written and played. “Spieluhr (Music Box)” is a very strange song and almost doesn’t fit, but musically it has some interesting parts. “Zwitter (Hermaphrodite)” has a very pulsating guitar riff, thrusting the song into familiar territory. “Rein Raus (In/Out)” has a similar feel to Du Hast but with more melody. “Adios (Goodbye)” is a gem of melodic goodness. Closing the album is “Nebel (Fog)” is one of the slowest, delicate songs Rammstein has ever created. There are moments that harken back to the textures of the song “Mutter.”

This album is one of those that you should play all the way through to fully grasp. There is something really intriguing and exciting about this album.




By: Brian Lacy