Miss Machine

Deep Cuts: The Dillinger Escape Plan- Phone Home


Back in 2004, when The Dillinger Escape Plan released their second album, Miss Machine, it saw the band move in a more experimental direction. Due to the band previously collaborating with Mike Patton and welcoming in new singer Greg Puciato, the influences from both began to rub off on the band. While Calculating Infinity was a straight up assault, Miss Machine had something more to offer like slower tempos, more dynamics, clean vocals, as well as an electronic/industrial tinge and jazz fusion elements. One such song that has always caught my attention on the album is the track “Phone Home.” This song has a very Nine Inch Nails feel to it. Which is perhaps why I’ve always been drawn to it. Take a couple mins and enjoy this deep cut from one of the most creative bands of the last 20 years.


The Dillinger Escape Plan- Phone Home:


Album Rank: The Dillinger Escape Plan


The Dillinger Escape Plan are calling it a day with their upcoming album Dissociation. So before their swan song album comes out, how about an album rank.

Under the Running Board:

Ire Works:

Miss Machine:

Option Paralysis:

Irony Is A Dead Scene:


One Of Us Is The Killer:

Calculating Infinity: