Bands That Should Come Back: Misfits


This one is actually happening before I had the chance to do a full piece on it. I’d say it’s about time this happened. If Axl and Slash can set their differences aside and get back out on the road so can Danzig and Jerry Only. The fans have been wanting this for years now, and hopefully after these festival shows there will be a tour. I saw the Misfits years ago with Michael Graves singing, who did a good job, but it wasn’t the band that I enjoyed listening to. I’ve seen Danzig as well, and when he would do his Misfits set, it was quite enjoyable but there was something missing. Well here’s to hoping this goes well so we can see it all one more time before they hang it up.




Guest Vocalist: Henry Rollins


Henry Rollins is one of the most influential punk rock singers ever. His work with Black Flag is legendary and his own band Rollins Band is tremendous especially the album Weight. I was thinking I know Henry has guested on a bunch of songs over the years so why not share that with you all.

Tool- Bottom:

Tony Iommi- Laughing Man In A Devil Mask:

Iggy Pop- Wild America:

William Shatner- I Can’t Get Behind That:

Misfits- We Are 138: