Songs/Albums Of The Week: March 2, 2023

In between my Depeche Mode and Pixies catalog deep dives, I’ve also heard some other songs and albums that have really peaked my interest. Some of these bands you might have heard before as they were featured on Audioeclectica and others will probably be new to you. Either way, these songs and albums have been on a constant rotation and deserve your attention. So check these out!

01) A Light Within– Meteroic Fires: This band is rad. I’ve been a fan for some time. Each new release shows this band evolving their sound and reaching new heights. This new song is a bit of a departure from their more prog driven rock. on “Meteoric Fires,” A Light Within finds balance between their love of prog rock by incorporating tighter arrangements and delving a bit more into a “space rock” territory a la Shiner or Hum. Really look forward to what else is to come from this band!

02) Common Wounds– Hit Or Miss: I’m totally enthralled with this band. I love it. You know that feeling that you get when you are looking for something to listen to and then you hear something that immediately grabs your attention? Well that’s what Common Wounds did to me. This new track “Hit or Miss” is most definitely a HIT! It’s got all the things you’d want in a post-hardcore band and song. Common Wounds is a band that I really look forward to hearing more from. Their EP comes out soon and I highly recommend you taking the time to listen to it and let it take over!

03) Lived In– Gone By: I love a good rock band. Just a no frills rock band armed with guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Recently I was introduced to this band Lived In and I’ve been really digging on them. They have the 90’s alt rock sound down and it doesn’t sound dated instead it feels and sounds fresh and lively. This band is another that I have on my radar and look forward to what else they do.

04) Deathgrave– Your Rulers Are Here: Heavy music is my and Deathgrave are definitely one that I’ve had my ear to the ground with for a bit. This track is heavy as it is absolutely crushing and delivers one hell of a punch. The video that accompanies it is quite fun too. Deathgrave are one of those bands that are a bit against the grain but worth every second of you listening!

05) Object Of Affection– Run Back: I recently heard this band and I found myself really digging on them. There is so much to this band that I haven’t had the chance to peel it all back yet. When you listen you pick up on bits of new wave, post punk, synthwave and then some. This song “Run Back” is a really solid example of all these genres mixed together to create something that is a bit more than meets the ear or eye. It’s music that seeps in and grabs you. Their upcoming album Field of Appearances was meticulously crafted with Grammy-nominated producer Alex Newport (who you might know from Nailbomb as well as producing and recording The Mars Volta’s Tremulant EP). Definitely give this a listen!

06) Form Rank– Sirens: Punk Rock has had a lot of variations over the years but, those that understand what it really is have held the flag for those that truly get it. One band that understands that ever so well is Form Rank. This band has a bit of an 80’s metallica hardcore edge to it with hooks and grit to stand apart from a lot of the others in the genre. Form Rank are one of those bands that will have your foot tapping, head bobbing and quite possibly singing along rather quick! Keep your eye out for Form Rank when they come through your town.

07) Stronger Than Machines– Undivided EP: Stronger Than Machines are fast becoming one of my new favorite bands. I’ve had the pleasure of booking them twice now for Cobalt Presents shows and each time they have played they have absolutely come in and owned the stage and decimated all that came before them and after. Their EP, Undivided is a heavy yet melodic trip. The 6 songs that are a part of this EP are a walloping punch to the gut. The unrelenting ferociousness of this band is infectious and each time you see them, you find yourself drawn in more and more. Stronger Than Machines are another band that I really look forward to seeing more and hearing what else they do. What a band!

08) Know//Suffer– Winter Two Piece EP: Another band that I was recently introduced to and I dig it. I love when you hear a band and at first you don’t know what to think quite yet, then you put it on again and it all clicks. Know//Suffer is one of those bands that might take a minute but once it hits, you know that you don’t want it to end. It’s heavy and brutal in ways that explore hardcore, sludge, post metal and even bits of black metal. If you are into heavy music, Know//Suffer is for you!

09) Mast Year– Knife & In Tandem from their upcoming album, Knife: I came across this band today and I’m glad I did. Mast Year is a post-hardcore/noise rock band that add a bit more to their sound. The additions of intriguing rhythms and ambient turns as well as a sludgey aspect make Mast Year stand out amongst their peers. It doesn’t have to be all dark and dreary and Mast Year gives that bit of light to shine through it!

10) Bleed The Sky featuring Mark Hunter- The Parasite: Bleed The Sky are back!!! I used to really dig this band way back. Now in 2023 they are kicking up quite a stir with their new singer and this new track. Plus having Chimaira’s Mark Hunter on the track gives it even more bite. Glad to hear Mark still has those vocals! Looking forward to what else Bleed The Sky has coming up! They were always a solid band with a great live show!

Anticipated Albums: High Command- Eclipse Of The Dual Moons

One of the things I love most about bands that craft actual albums is the detail they put into it. Not just the music but also the subject matter and how it relates to certain topics and imagery. A few weeks back a band was brought to my attention and I’ve really been digging what they are cooking up. Allow me to introduce you to High Command. This band is more than just your regular metal band, they take it to another level. Taking their metal cues from the likes of Dio, Mercyful Fate, with a bit of Obituarty, a tinge of Bathory and a dash of Discharge, High Command have crafted a sound that feels fresh with a throwback sense. It’s something I like to call, “Epic Metal.” I know, just what we need, another sub-genre but, it fits. The bands latest and upcoming second album, Eclipse Of The Dual Moons, the band have upped their storytelling game and expanded upon where their first album left off. The band place themselves as omniscient narrators of the world they have created making for a very intriguing and visceral listening experience. It’s refreshing to hear a band like High Command take such time and pride to craft something on a deeper level than the atypical topics. I look forward to hearing where the band continues to go with this and evolve. Cheers to High Command on a well chosen path!

PRE-ORDER: High Command- Eclipse Of The Dual Moons:

Siege Warfare:

Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery:

Fortified By Bloodshed:

By: Brian Lacy

Instrumental Songs: Chimaira- Implements Of Destruction

If you haven’t heard Chimaira’s album The Impossibility Of Reason, you are missing out on one hell of a heavy metal gem. This album is one of the best heavy albums since the turn of the century. The whole thing is packed with killer riffs, grooves, rhythms and some brutal vocals and lyrics. One of my favorite parts of the album is the closing track, “Implements Of Destruction.” This 13 minute long epic is astounding. It’s one hell of a way to end the album. This song is an absolute masterpiece or instrumental tracks. Do yourself a favor and let this one sink in!!!

Chimaira- Implements Of Destruction:

On The Rise: Vein



There is a band that is out and about right now that is decimating audiences where ever they play. Their debut full length is leaving a lasting mark in the heavy music circles. And the best part is they are still so young. I’m talking about the band Vein. This is one hell of a band and they deserve your attention.

Vein formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2013. Their music takes bits and pieces from metalcore, hardcore, punk, and a hint of early nu-metal. Their debut album Errorzone, is one of 2018’s most acclaimed albums. The album in no way sounds forced or out of place. You can tell that each member of the band has studied their influences and without trying to duplicate what they’ve heard, Vein has managed to make something that sounds inspired. There is a real sense of urgency to these songs and album. It’s almost like a call to arms of the entire scene. The length of Errorzone is barely 30 minutes. That tells you that there is no letting up. The eleven songs on the album pummel from the instant the album starts to the end.

Errorzone is just the beginning for Vein. They are on to something that reaches beyond just the hardcore genre. The way they experiment shows that they have so much more to offer. It’s going to be really fun to watch this band progress over the years. Vein is here to inject their style into you and let it take over.


Vein- Errorzone:


Vein- Virus://Vibrance:


Band Of The Week: Knaaves


One of my favorite things about writing and running Audioeclectica is when I get an email from a band that is personalized and asking me to check out their band. Recently I got a message from a band called Knaaves. I was immediately impressed with the message that was sent that I stopped what I was doing to check them out. What I heard was a blistering heavy band that was full of dark riffs and an attitude that compliments the music superbly. Knaaves, based out of Milwauke, is a four piece band featuring Andy Parmann (Vocals), Amanda Daniels (Bass), Jamie Kerwin (Guitar), and Antonio Ninham (Drums) that mixes metal, hardcore, and bits of melody to create a hard charging, groove filled sound. Knaaves isn’t a “metal-core” band, instead they take bits of post hardcore and add it to their already heavy groove. Their 2 song EP JANUARY, featuring the songs “January” and “Nine Lives Lost” will have you banging your head and possibly erupting into a one person mosh pit (which is totally possible). Do yourself a favor and check out Knaaves and let the power of heaviness guide you on your way to where you are headed.

Knaaves- January EP:

Band Of The Week: Westfield Massacre


Heavy music comes in all shapes, sounds and vibes. Sometimes the band is just a full on gutteral screaming band that just thrashes about with their music. Other heavier bands incorporate brutality and riffs that make for some pretty intense tunes. And then you have heavy bands that can be “heavy” and “brutal” but still have a sense of melody that doesn’t compromise their intention to be heavy. Which brings me to Westfield Massacre. These guys have made music that combines heavy guitars along with thumping bass and groovy drums and soaring vocals that range from aggressive screams and melodic harmonies.

Led by the ever busy Tommy Vext on vocals, Westfield Massacre is a band for today’s heavy metal/rock circles. The rest of the band which includes Ira Black (Guitar),
Stephen Brewer (Guitar), Erik Tisinger (Bass), and Dio Britto (Drums), add their own personal flairs to writing groove laden and hook filled songs, that doesn’t come across as cheesy or “commercial.”

Westfield Massacre are about to release their second full length album. The first single “Only The Dead” is a great step forward for the band not just as writers but, as players as well. You can tell they were inspired to step up their game on the new album.


Westfield Massacre- Only The Dead:


Westfield Massacre- Self Titled Debut:





Anticipated Albums: Gojira- Magma


I remember when I first heard Gojira. I thought this is great and I need to see this band. Sadly I missed them the first couple times they came through Los Angeles. Then a couple years ago I finally caught them with Mastodon, and they were everything I wanted them to be. From that point I’ve been craving a new Gojira album. The last album L’ Enfant Sauvage is one hell of an album. With the release of their new song “Stranded” from their upcoming album MAGMA, Gojira are well on their way to being one of the best metal bands in the world.


Gojira- Stranded:

Against The Grain: Solstafir



Solstafir are different breed of metal. Their unique blend of metal with beautiful melodies, psychedelic moments and a strong undercurrent of classic / hard rock strikes rough, rugged and cinematic as the climate of their native Iceland can be. The band has been around since 1995 and have released 5 full length albums, and assorted EP’s, and singles. The band started out as more of a black metal band and over the years have really evolved into more of a progressive post metal force. Their album  “Masterpiece of Bitterness” released in 2005, got exceptionally good reviews almost everywhere and the band kept on making a good name for themselves with powerful live performances. Their followup “Köld” was released in early 2009 and like “Masterpiece…” it not only got exceptionally good reviews, but most critics also had a hard time putting Sólstafir’s music into a specific genre. Descriptions like“Sigur Rós goes metal!” were becoming really common as did band comparisons such as  “Imagine if Nachtmystium, Alice In Chains, and Neurosis got hammered while listening to Entombed.” Their fifth full-length “Otta” released in 2014, is the next step in their evolution this four-piece adopted over the years. If anything their new album is a concept album that needs to be heard over and over to really grasp all that it has to offer. Solstafir are one of those bands that if you take the time to really listen to, you will come away with a greater appreciation for heavy music. It’s not your run of the mill garbage that is out there. These guys have real depth and truth to their music and it shows in each release they put out.





By: Brian Lacy

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