Melodic Metal

Band Of The Week: Westfield Massacre


Heavy music comes in all shapes, sounds and vibes. Sometimes the band is just a full on gutteral screaming band that just thrashes about with their music. Other heavier bands incorporate brutality and riffs that make for some pretty intense tunes. And then you have heavy bands that can be “heavy” and “brutal” but still have a sense of melody that doesn’t compromise their intention to be heavy. Which brings me to Westfield Massacre. These guys have made music that combines heavy guitars along with thumping bass and groovy drums and soaring vocals that range from aggressive screams and melodic harmonies.

Led by the ever busy Tommy Vext on vocals, Westfield Massacre is a band for today’s heavy metal/rock circles. The rest of the band which includes Ira Black (Guitar),
Stephen Brewer (Guitar), Erik Tisinger (Bass), and Dio Britto (Drums), add their own personal flairs to writing groove laden and hook filled songs, that doesn’t come across as cheesy or “commercial.”

Westfield Massacre are about to release their second full length album. The first single “Only The Dead” is a great step forward for the band not just as writers but, as players as well. You can tell they were inspired to step up their game on the new album.


Westfield Massacre- Only The Dead:


Westfield Massacre- Self Titled Debut:





Album Review: Before The Mourning- Etherial End


In today’s music climate it’s hard to stay fresh and ahead of the pack especially within the heavy music circles. There are so many sub-genres now a days it’s hard to keep up. Yet within the melodic metal genre there is a new band that is ready to stand out amongst their peers, Before The Mourning. Their debut album Etherial End is full of hooks, groove, and the perfect use of melody. The album was produced and recorded by the bands drummer Phil Gonyea, and mixed and mastered by Logan Mader. One can tell from listening to the album, that the 11 songs on the album are all meant to be there. There are elements of many different bands including Pantera, Poison The Well and a large Swedish Metal influence. At The Gates Soilwork really come to mind. Singer Adam Ryan’s voice evokes bits and pieces of Speed Strid of Soilwork. Songs like “Another Sleepless Night,” “The Deception,” “The Black Day,” Continuum,” and “The Hidden,” are all stand out tracks. Closing song “Deserter,” shows the bands ability to write a powerful song without all the aggression. CJ Cussell and Jeff Stevenson’s guitar playing compliment each other perfectly. There is a bit of an At The Gates tone between them. Bassist Paul McBride and Phil Gonyea (Drums) are extremely tight as a rhythm section similar to how Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown were locked in their groove while in Pantera.

Etherial End is just the beginning for Before The Mourning. They really have a true passion for what they do and the music they create. This album exemplifies that. Their live show as well is full of so much energy that it wouldn’t be shocking to hear that  these guys stole the show from the other bands they play with. Do yourself a favor and pick this album up, August 21st!!!
Scale of 1-10: 9

The Deception:

Another Sleepless Night:

By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: The Bloodline

10665389_10152623546144671_5457465118976980338_nModern metal has been taking many different turns over the last few years. There are so many new genres within the metal community that it’s hard to keep up with. One of the genres that have stayed the course has been the melodic metal genre. So many bands, have tried but they don’t understand the key component to the “melodic” sensibility. Thankfully, The Bloodline does know how to incorporate melodic with the heavy. The Bloodline have worked to create a sound that is well balanced between the melodic and the more groove oriented styles.  The Chicago quartet of Travis Neal, Shaun Glass, Chuck Wepfer, and Frankie Harchut really seem to have bled (pun totally intended) their heart and souls into this album and it shows. Songs like “We Are One,” “With Fire (Comes Absolution)” pack a huge punch of heaviness and hooks that leave you banging your head and singing along. The Bloodline are definitely a band you should watch out for if you are a fan of this type of music.


With Fire:

By: Brian Lacy

Band Of The Week: Before The Mourning


The ability to mix melody and heavy music is tricky. You want to be able to keep the edge without betraying the heaviness but all the while make it full and coherent. Los Angeles’s Before The Mourning have been able to do just that. Lyrically you can hear the pain and anguish. The riffs and rhythms are fast, heavy and mosh inciting.  The bands influences of Swedish metal bands like In Flames and Soilwork mixed with the groove and melody are in the way the songs are written. The bands live show is full of energy and is very intriguing. Their debut album Etherial End was co-produced by Logan Mader and will be out in the fall. If you are into melodic metal, definitely check these guys out!


By: Brian Lacy