Melodic Hard Rock

Band Of The Week: A Mirror Hollow


One of the things I look for in bands is a sense of melody. Without melody, the music all blurs into noise. There is a band out there that is taking the combination of melody and heavy rock to new heights, A Mirror Hollow. This 4 piece band, based out of Los Angeles, is exciting and bringing the melodically heavy with them. A Mirror Hollow has released their self titled EP a while back and since then, the band has only gotten better and have really found their sound on newer songs like “Ridicule The Innocent” and “Blame.” Their live shows are as energetic as their music and then some. Each member of the band brings a unique element to the group, making them something to be intrigued by. A Mirror Hollow is on the right track to make an impact among their peers, and those listening to sing along.




Ridicule The Innocent:


A Mirror Hollow EP:




Band Of The Week: New Cathedral


Melody and rhythm are the driving forces of music. When done properly the combination of the two brings out something special. Tampa, Florida’s New Cathedral have managed to do just that. Their new E.P. entitled Ghost has the right amount of melody and passion behind it’s songs. This four piece has a sweet blend of sweeping clean guitars, heavy crunchy bass and subtle thumping drums. Vocally they are able to capture the passion of the lyrics. The conviction in which they play with is undeniable. Songs like “Holy Ghost,” “Emerald Eyes,” and “Wolves” have a more hard rock vibe to them while “Stay” shows the more delicate nature of the band without taking away from their hard edge.

New Cathedral have what it takes to make an impact on many people. Their sound is accessible yet still maintains the integrity of what melodic hard rock should be. A lot of the radio rock bands that are out there should take a page from New Cathedral and play with honesty and heart.


By: Brian Lacy