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Cover Song: Meg Myers (Kate Bush)- Running Up That Hill

MEG_MYERS_RUTH_FINAL-1024x1024.jpgMeg Myers is one hell of a talent. She’s got a very cool and unique voice and vibe. I’ve written about her a few times and really enjoy what she brings to the music world of today. Recently, Meg released a cover of the Kate Bush classic “Running Up That Hill.” Her version is unique to her and does what you should do with a cover, make it your own. This isn’t the first cover of this song that I’ve come to enjoy. Placebo did a cover of this song many years ago that has always been stuck out to me and many others as well. On this version, Meg  gives it a bit more energy and an optimistic vibe. Enjoy!

Meg Myers- Running Up That Hill:



Placebo- Running Up That Hill:


2018 End Of The Year List: Best Vocalist


Next up on’s 2018 End Of The Year Lists, the Top Vocalists. The stipulation is that, an album/EP had to have been released this year. Also, because of the  amount of great vocalists, I’m extending the list by a few.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.

This list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!


01) Lisa Mungo- Fucked and Bound
02) Alexis Marshall- Daughters
03) William DuVall- Alice In Chains
04) Jerry Cantrell- Alice In Chains
05) Sam Carter- Architects
06) Dustin Kensrue- Thrice
07) Charlie Schmid- Del Judas
08) Ken Andrews- Failure
09) Lajon Witherspoon- Sevendust
10) Brandon Espinoza- Minus Knives
11) Greg Puciato- The Black Queen
12) Meg Myers- Meg Myers
13) Elijah Witt- Cane Hill
14) Trent Reznor- Nine Inch Nails
15) John Treanor- Tombstones In Their Eyes

Album Review: Meg Myers- Take Me To The Disco


A couple years back Meg Myers came on the scene with a sense of urgency.  Her unbridled delivery and very real lyrics made her an artist to watch. Meg sure made an impact with her debut album Sorry as well as her intense live performances. Now on her second album, Take Me To The Disco, Meg takes risks and explores a side that delves deeper into the last couple years of her life.

The album begins with the title track “Take Me To The Disco.” This song sets a mood and gives you a lyrical taste of what is to come. “Numb” the first single deals with the pressures of being on a major label and all the weight that comes with it. “Jealous Sea” is one of those songs that really hits. The moody music and beats along with Meg’s lyrics and vocal prowess on this song really makes it a standout track. Other stellar songs include, “Tear Me To Pieces,” “Little Black Death,” “Done,” “Tourniquet” and “I’m Not Sorry.” One of my personal favorites “The Death Of Me” is one of the best songs Meg has ever written. You can feel every emotion she sings about from heartbreak, anger, and love. It’s a truly powerful song. Closing out the album is “Constant,” a song that really sums up the album and what it stands for. It’s one of those songs that gives you chills while listening.

Take Me To The Disco is an album that stands out on it’s own. It’s not trying to duplicate what Meg did on Sorry. The production of Christian “Leggy” Langsdon, crosses genres and gives the album a breath of fresh air among a sea of over-produced manufactured garbage. Meg Myers is as real as it gets. I’ve often thought of her as a cross between Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, and on this album her Tori side comes out a bit more. Meg is without a doubt a bright spot in a rather dull and corporate styled market. After listening to Meg bare her soul, you’ll understand why Meg Myers is truly an artist to watch out for.

Meg Myers- Take Me To The Disco:

Meg Myers- Sorry:


End Of The Year List: Best Vocalist


The second annual Audioeclectica Awards continues: The sixth category is best vocalist. Here are the requirements to be in this category. The nominee but have sung on an album/EP must released this year. And It doesn’t matter if the band is signed or not! With that in mind here are the nominees! Vote in the comments!!


Ken Andrews- Failure
Evan Mentone- Hidden Amongst Us
Lisa Mungo- He Whose Ox Is Gored
Joshua Holland- Wild Throne
Mlny Parsonz- Royal Thunder
Tim Williams- Vision Of Disorder
Michael Meinhart- Socionic
Phil Golyshko- Sidewave
Marilyn Manson
Meg Myers

Band Of The Week: Meg Myers


What do you get when you mix the angst of the 90’s along with Fiona Apple and a little Tori Amos? I’ll tell you… you get Meg Myers. Meg has created music that is fresh and real in a world of pop fakers. Her emotion carries through in her vocal delivery. She can sing like the best of them and scream as good if not better than some of the heavier bands. The lyrics are all real and you can relate and feel just what she is singing. Since coming out to California from her native Tennessee, Meg has released 2 EP’s and now just released her first full length album entitled SORRY. There is something truly haunting and beautiful about Meg Myers. Songs like “Desire,” Heart Heart Head,” “Monster,” and “Sorry,” really highlight her abilities. Meg has been on tour with Royal Blood, The Pixies and made festival appearances at Lollapalooza and an assortment of other big festivals. Meg is on the rise and you should take note of her.


Heart Heart Head:


Lemon Eyes:


Full Set at Lollapalooza:

By: Brian Lacy

List: Best Female Rock Singers

Here is a list of the best female singers in rock music…in no particular order. I’m sure I missed some so add them in the comments!

1. Shirley Manson- Garbage
2. Joan Jett
3. Lita Ford
4. Janis Joplin
5. Aimee Echo- Human Waste Project/The Start
6. Courtney Love- Hole
7. Grace Slick- Jefferson Airplane
8. Stevie Nicks- Fleetwood Mac
9. Brody Dalle- The Distillers
10. Hope Sandoval- Mazzy Star
11. Delila Paz- The Last Internationale
12. Kim Gordon- Sonic Youth
13. Cristina Scabbia- Lacuna Coil
14. Amber Webber- Black Mountain/Lightning Dust
15. Arden Fisher- Dekades
16. Meg Myers
17. Fiona Apple
18. Ann Wilson- Heart
19. Wendy O Williams- Plasmatics
20. Patti Smith
21. Karen O- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
22. Alanis Morrisette
23. Skin – Skunk Anansie
24. Chrissie Hynde- The Pretenders
25. Emily Armstrong- Dead Sara
26. Alison Mosshart- The Kills