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End Of The Year List 2017: Best Albums


I present to you all… The Top 25 Best Albums of 2017

I encourage you to vote for your favorite in the comments section. At the end of the month, I will release the results of the readers poll.


Honorable Mention:

Brand New- Science Fiction
The Melvins- A Walk With Love and Death
Depeche Mode- Spirit
Archspire- Relentless Mutation
Ryan Adams- Prisoner
Cons- The Burden Of Knowing Why
Polkadot Cadaver- Get Possessed
Glassjaw- Material Control

25) Foo Fighters- Concrete and Gold

24) Black Wail- Chromium Homes

23) Black Map- In Droves

22) L.A. Guns- The Missing Peace

21) Black Mare- Death Magick Mother

20) Wear Your Wounds- Wear Your Wounds/Dunedevil

19) Scour- Red EP

18) Mastodon- A Cold Dark Place

17) Chelsea Wolfe- Hiss Spun

16) 10 Years- (how to live) As Ghosts

15) King Woman- Created In The Image Of Suffering

14) Trivium- The Sin and The Sentence

13) God Mother- Vilseldd

12) Darkest Hour- Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora

11) Eighteen Visions- XVIII

10) Dead Cross- Dead Cross

09) Nine Inch Nails- Add Violence

08) Converge- The Dusk In Us

07) Royal Thunder- Wick

06) Pallbearer- Heartless

05) Less Art- Strangled Light

04) With Our Arms To The Sun- Orenda

03) Spotlights- Seismic

02) Mutoid Man- War Moans

01) Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand