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Cover Song: Marilyn Manson- I Put A Spell On You

Last night, I was thinking of movies I haven’t seen in a long while and Lost Highway popped in my head. From that point, I had a couple songs stuck in my head. One was Nine Inch Nails “The Perfect Drug” and the other was the cover that Marilyn Manson did of “I Put A Spell On You.” This track was originally featured on the Smells Like Children EP. The original version of the song was done by Screamin Jay Hawkins but, is most famously done by Creedence Clearwater Revival (and that’s the one I associate it with most). This is definitely an interesting take on the song and fits perfectly on Lost Highway. Enjoy!

Marilyn Manson- I Put A Spell On You:

Musicians In TV/Film: Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson – 'We Are Chaos' review

Ever since Marilyn Manson’s new album We Are Chaos was released, I’ve been on a sort of Manson kick. His new album is really quite good (but that’s for another day and I will have a full review up about it soon). After spending some time listening back to albums, I didn’t give much of a chance, I thought it would be fun to look up other things he’s done and I remembered a few of his moments from the shows and movies he’s appeared in. So let’s take a look at those for fun.

On Californication:

On Sons Of Anarchy (not posting much, as to not give things away):

On The New Pope:

In Jawbreaker:

Some other shows and films Manson has been in are:

Lost Highway
Party Monster
Beat The Devil
The New Mutants (voice only)

New Release: Marilyn Manson- Don’t Chase The Dead

Marilyn Manson Isn't Shocking Anymore, but 'We Are Chaos' Proves His  Staying Power

Marilyn Manson has released a new single ahead of his new album We Are Chaos (out Friday September 11). This new song “Don’t Chase The Dead” continues down his very Bowie influenced sound. It’s got a Mechanical Animals vibe mixed with a bit of the Eat Me Drink Me/The High End Of Low era. It’s definitely a lot better than the first single, “We Are Chaos.” It will be interesting to hear the whole album and what the end result turns out to be.

Marilyn Manson- Don’t Chase The Dead:

We Are Chaos:

New Release: Marilyn Manson- We Are Chaos

Marilyn Manson-We Are Chaos ( Official Audio ) Leaked / Unreleased ...

Marilyn Manson is back with a new album entitled We Are Chaos (out September 11). The first song released is the title track. This album was produced by Manson’s longtime friend Shooter Jennings. Based on this one song at the moment, I don’t know what to think about this one. There is definitely a Bowie influence and presence in this track. When Manson released The Pale Emperor a few years back, there seemed to be a resurgence and return to what most of us liked. This new song (granted it’s just one song at the moment) doesn’t have the same feel of urgency like The Pale Emperor did or any of the early albums. There is a bit of a Bowie vibe to this song that makes it interesting but, there is something off about it. I can’t quite place it yet. That being said though, I’m sure some of you out there will quite enjoy this.

Marilyn Manson- We Are Chaos:


Anticipated Albums of 2020

A new year brings new albums to be released. 2020 is sure to be chock full of new releases by your favorites. I’ve started to compile a list of the bands who I believe are releasing new albums this year as the most anticipated. I know I’m missing some, so with that in mind who are you looking forward to new music from?


2020 Anticipated Albums:


The Cure
Guns N Roses?
Foo Fighters
The Smashing Pumpkins
Pearl Jam
Spirit In The Room
Clint Lowery
Lamb Of God
Nine Inch Nails
Rob Zombie
Every Time I Die
Marilyn Manson
Power Trip
Dead Cross
Run The Jewels




Ultimate Set List: Marilyn Manson


A friend of mine recently went to see Marilyn Manson live. Afterwards we got to talking about how the show was, what was played, etc. Naturally the subject of making our own set lists were brought up and after much thought, I finally was able to come up with my own Ultimate Set List for Marilyn Manson. So here it is…


Guideline 1: What line up of the band would it be

Guideline 2: Where would you want to see the show

Guideline 3: maximum 25 songs (In order of how the set should go)

Lineup: Marilyn Manson, Brandon Pertzborn, Twiggy Ramirez, John 5, Chris Vrenna

Venue: Fonda Theatre (Los Angeles)

Set List:

01) Irresponsible Hate Anthem
02) Get Your Gunn
03) Mechanical Animals
04) The Nobodies
05) Little Horn
06) Tourniquet
07) Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge
08) The Speed Of Pain
09) The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles
10) Antichrist Superstar
11) The Reflecting God
12) Deep Six
13) 1996
14) Angel With The Scabbed Wings
15) Disassociative
16) Odds Of Even
17) Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
18) The Beautiful People
19) Warship My Wreck
20) Coma White

Video Rank: Marilyn Manson


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been delving into certain bands catalogs and listening to the albums that I glossed over. While on a Marilyn Manson rabbit hole, I started to really find that there are quite a few stellar songs from the albums I over looked. One of the things that I had to do while traveling this rabbit hole was to check out the videos. So, with that in mind, here’s the top ten Marilyn Manson videos throughout the years.

10) Sweet Dreams:

09) Man That You Fear:


08) Kill4Me:



07) Say 10:



06) Disposable Teens:


05) I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me):


04) The Dope Show:


03) The Beautiful People:



02) Heart Shaped Glasses:



01) Coma White:









The Mephistopholes of Los Angeles:


Cover Song: Marilyn Manson- Cry Little Sister

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 9.30.31 AM.png

I remember back in 1996 when Marilyn Manson released his version of the Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams” that it would be really cool if one day he did a version of Gerard McMann’s “Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys. Well now over 20 years later, my wish has been granted. Marilyn Manson finally did a cover of the song and it’s just what I expected it to be.

Check it out!!

Marilyn Manson- Cry Little Sister:


Gerard McMann- Cry Little Sister:

Album Rank: Marilyn Manson


Recently Marilyn Manson released a new album entitled Heaven Upside Down. I took a listen to it a few times and while it’s decent, it’s definitely not his best work nor is it The Pale Emperor part 2. This got me thinking that I should do an album rank. So, check out the ranking of not the best to the best.


The High End Of Low:


Born Villain:


Eat Me, Drink Me:


The Golden Age Of Grotesque:


Heaven Upside Down:


Holy Wood:


Portrait Of An American Family:


The Pale Emperor:


Antichrist Superstar:


Mechanical Animals:


Top Ten Bands A-Z: M


Last year I started making a list of all the best bands in the alphabet. Well the list continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. M is here and unlike the past few letters this one should be less difficult to complete. As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list. These are in no particular order as well.

01) Metallica
02) Mastodon
03) Motorhead
04) Marilyn Manson
05) Massive Attack
06) Mad Season
07) Ministry
08) Meshuggah
09) Minor Threat