LL Cool J

Classic Soundtracks: Private Parts


The year is 1997 and the auto-biographical film Private Parts about Howard Stern is drawing in audiences. While the film went on to be a success, there was another element of the whole thing that often gets overlooked and that is the soundtrack.


Worst Cover Songs: Sevendust (LL Cool J)- Goin Back To Cali

I really like Sevendust. They have released some really great albums and songs. One thing I noticed throughout their career is that they hardly ever release covers. Back in the early 2000’s there was a compilation album of hard rock/metal bands covering hip hop songs. Sevendust would pick LL Cool J’s “Goin Back To Cali.” As much as I like Sevendust, I can’t help but think how bad this is.
Sevendust-Goin Back To Cali: