La Sexorcisto

Deep Cuts: White Zombie- Warp Asylum

The other day I was watching an interview with 3/4 of White Zombie as they were talking about the 30th anniversary of the album, La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol 1. It’s quite a good interview with really good stories about the making of the album and the early years of the band before their eventual breakup. The moment the interview was over, I put on La Sexorcisto and it took me back to when I first heard it when I was a kid. The songs are still kick ass, the production on it is crisp and punchy and the album still holds up great! Of course everyone knows the song “Thunder Kiss 65” but the real gems on this album are the deep cuts. My favorite of those deep cuts happens to be the last song on the album “Warp Asylum.” I love this song. It’s got all the right groove and is the perfect ending to this great album! Now how about a damn White Zombie Reunion Already!!!

White Zombie- Warp Asylum:

Bands That Should Come Back: White Zombie


This feature is so much fun to do. It allows me to think that maybe if I put this out in the ether of the internet, some of these bands might get back together (with the help of all of the others that want it too). Now I know this one is total wishful thinking, especially since Rob Zombie said that he won’t do it, but how awesome would it be if White Zombie got back together. They were such a fun band. There was something unique and fun about them. They had a really cool groove to the music. Guitarist J Yuenger really had a knack for cool riffs and licks that seemed simple but were intricate in the timing. I always wondered why he wasn’t regarded for his playing.┬áTheir two major label releases La Sexorcisto and Astro Creep 2000 were outstanding albums. And both were different in good way. La Sexorcisto had a more metal vibe to it while Astro Creep got more electronic and had tinges of industrial to go along with the groove metal riffs. Take a stroll and get back into White Zombie!


La Sexorcisto:


Astro Creep 2000: