Kyle Brandt

Band Of The Week: Molitoth

I’ve long been intrigued when certain members of bands I dig, step out and do something else. Having another outlet to be creative is quite a good thing, especially these days when there are so many different genres and sub-genres out there to explore. There’s a band I’ve written about on here a bunch of times called A Light Within. They are a really cool prog-rock band with great songs, riffs, rhythms and vocals. Now, their singer has stepped out on his own with a new project called Molitoth. This new venture sees vocalist Kyle Brandt exploring different textures and sounds while keeping true to his roots. The debut album, The Tribunal (which is out June 26, 2020) is a whirlwind of rock, metal, prog, bits of post punk and a ton of poetic energy. There is a definite narrative and story that coincides with this album and with each listen, you get pulled deeper and deeper within. The way the songs ebb and flow along with the production keep you engrossed in each note and lyric. Just as he has been able to do with A Light Within, this project lets you in even more. The introspection of ones self can often times really connect with those that are listening and that is no different on this album. The Tribunal has also given Kyle a chance to really try out some things vocally, that might not necessarily fit in with his other band. And the end result is something that I hope he carries on with him on the next A Light Within album. For those of you out there looking for a sense of hope at this juncture in time, Molitoth, is one of the perfect choices for you to put on and let it take you away.


Molitoth- The Tribunal:


Band Of The Week (Updated): A Light Within


It’s been a minute since A Light Within has released new music. I personally have been anticipating new tunes from them and now they have released the first song, Page #9 (Shells) off their new EP Epilogue, which is the final chapter of their 3 part trilogy. A Light Within has definitely tapped into another realm of what they started as. I would say they’ve gotten more etherial and darker. The band has said “Epilogue” is the final conceptual installment in a three part series containing transcribed diary entries written from the perspective of a reflective mind. Throughout the pages be prepared to hit an emotional remembrance of life experiences, love scenarios, and a metaphorical loss of it all.” While listening to this song and the entire EP and their other ones, you can definitely feel it all. Epilogue is due to be released in February so be on the look out for that (I’ll also remind you all).


A Light Within- Page #9 (Shells):


Body Matter EP:


Preface EP: