Keith Morris

New Release: Spirit In The Room- Sunset Nightmare


Spirit In The Room has released a new single & video for their song “Sunset Nightmare” and let me tell you, it’s FUCKING BADASS!!! I say this every time Spirit In The Room releases something new but, it’s true and MUST BE SAID, “This band is fan-fucking-tastic.” The purity you hear in the music and the honesty conveyed in the vocals are unrivaled. There is real danger in this music and that’s what is missing from a lot of the new bands coming out these days. Take note people! Spirit In The Room is the absolute real deal. Plus, their live shows are something else on a whole other level, that you need to see.

Spirit In The Room- Sunset Nightmare:



Spirit In The Room Upcoming Shows:

Weds Feb 5 @ Bunkhouse Saloon- Las Vegas
Thurs Feb 6 @ SPACE Bar- San Diego
Friday Feb 7 @ Gold Diggers- Los Angeles
Saturday Feb 8 @ The Brick- Nevada City



Cover Thursday: Silverchair (Black Flag)- Wasted/Fix Me

I woke up this morning with Silverchair’s “Israel’s Son” stuck in my head. That riff is timeless. Anyways, while delving into my Silverchair albums I sought out seeing what covers they have done, I came across this interesting version of Black Flag’s “Wasted/Fix Me.” I’m still torn as to if I like it or not, but I can tell you that Daniel John’s vocals on it are quite fun and make this cover worth checking out. On a sidenote, the era of Black Flag these songs appear are with Keith Morris on vocals, in case you were wondering.


Silverchair- Wasted/Fix Me:


Black Flag- Wasted:


Black Flag- Fix Me: