Kate Bush

Cover Song: Meg Myers (Kate Bush)- Running Up That Hill

MEG_MYERS_RUTH_FINAL-1024x1024.jpgMeg Myers is one hell of a talent. She’s got a very cool and unique voice and vibe. I’ve written about her a few times and really enjoy what she brings to the music world of today. Recently, Meg released a cover of the Kate Bush classic “Running Up That Hill.” Her version is unique to her and does what you should do with a cover, make it your own. This isn’t the first cover of this song that I’ve come to enjoy. Placebo did a cover of this song many years ago that has always been stuck out to me and many others as well. On this version, Meg  gives it a bit more energy and an optimistic vibe. Enjoy!

Meg Myers- Running Up That Hill:



Placebo- Running Up That Hill:


Unsung Masterpieces: Placebo- Meds

There are bands that go through a sort of identity crisis in their careers, some use this as fuel to create something special and make what they come up with an influential and highly regarded piece of work. Placebo did that in 2006 when they released Meds. Their previous albums were great. but they started to feel very stagnant. Stepping away from their use of samplers, computers and vintage synthesizers and returning to actually playing again seemed to reinvigorate Placebo. Lyrically the balance of drug and alcohol imagery really showed part of their personal dysfunction and vulnerability. Songs like “Meds,” “Infra-Red,” and “Post Blue” showcase this pleasantly. There is also another theme that rings throughout the album, danger. “Because, I Want You” and “Blind” could be construed as love songs all the while creating a short story about drugs and love. Another stand out from the album was their cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,”  which fits perfectly in the thematic structure that MEDS is. It is also a staple at their live shows.

Placebo has never been one to shy away from what they want to create and release. Brian Molko has a voice that is very distinct and believable. This album is one of the best to be released in the last 15 years and still hold up!



By: Brian Lacy